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LLK Fabric - Meet the Team

Niina Kivelä


Meet the Team

Did you hear that Little Lizard King will be releasing our first fabric line later this year? We are incredibly excited about our collaboration with Michael Miller Fabrics and cannot wait to share more details with you!

But --- first, meet the team!

The international team behind Little Lizard King is stretched across three continents and various states. Just like many of you, we are busy juggling, work and family commitments, but we have found a creative outlet in sewing and developed lasting friendships amongst our sewing community. Our mutual love of sewing originally inspired us to create custom clothing and boutique patterns. Through this, we developed a strong affinity for beautiful fabrics which naturally led us into fabric design.

After bouncing ideas back and forth, our graphic designer, Elise Ribeira, set to work to bring our vision to life!

What started as a distant dream has now become reality --- with a gorgeous fabric line of fabric we could not love more. Our team has worked tirelessly behind the scenes, designing and showcasing unique prints that will inspire you to sew, not only beautiful outfits for your children, but also quilts, bags, toys and other handmade items as well.

Elise says, "The most creative time of our lives is in the uninhibited years of childhood. Kids aren’t concerned about perfection, social media reactions, or failing. They are naturally fearless with their creativity! Although I drew and designed as a child, I didn’t catch on to the magical world of sewing until very recently and want to be sure to share this newfound creative outlet with my kids while they still are in this stage of boundless creative freedom. This was my inspiration for the fabric line. I love seeing that creative spark ignited in children, where they truly believe they can do anything. And it’s even more magical as adults when we can capture that same spirit in our own creations. It’s never too late to create!"

In the coming weeks we will be posting more details and pictures about the first line of LLK fabric!

Until then,

LLK Team

Team Spotlight

Elise Ribeira is our talented graphic designer.  She's mom to three wonderful children and comes from a very creative family.  She loves to share her passion for design, sewing and photography.  You can follow her on Instagram Lili Loves Linen.

Tutorial: Geneva Bonnet with Pintucks

Niina Kivelä

Geneva Bonnet with pintucks.jpg

Blogger: Kate Golden

Geneva Bonnet with Pintucks

Following the directions for the lined bonnet in the Geneva Bonnet Pattern:

When cutting pattern pieces, cut one lined bonnet piece, and one that is 2.25” longer along the short side. For example, if your first piece is 5 ½ x 12, your second will be 7 ¾ x 12.  This tutorial will add 4 pintucks to the front side of the bonnet.  If you would like more, add an additional ½ “ when cutting this piece. 

For the longer bonnet piece, use a removable marking tool to mark a line 1 ¼ “ from the front edge down the long side. 

Pic 1.jpg

Mark 3 additional lines 1” apart.

Pic 2.jpg

Wrong sides together, fold along the first line you marked.  I used a pen that removes when heated, so I finger pressed along the line.  Depending on how you marked this line, you could also press with an iron.

Pic 3.jpg

Sew a straight line ¼ “ in from this edge.

Repeat folding the fabric along the other 3 lines, wrong sides together, and then sewing with a ¼ “ seam allowance. 

Pic 4.jpg

Press the pintucks forward toward the front of the bonnet.

Pic 5.jpg

Baste the pintucks down along the side seams.

Follow the remainder of the directions as instructed in the lined bonnet tutorial.

Shown here the Geneva Bonnet with pintucks paired with the Avonlea Romper.

Heart-Ford Sew-a-Long Day 5

Niina Kivelä

Blogger: Elise Ribeira


We’ve made it to day five!

With your cute hearts attached to your skirt, we are now ready to gather and attach our skirt to the bodice. There are many different ways to gather your skirt- my favorite way is to bump up my stitch length to 5 and my tension up to an 8 or 9. Use your favorite method to gather the skirt.

Be sure to use a high quality thread and start with long tails on your main thread and bobbin! As you sew, your fabric should gather itself. Adjust your tension as necessary if it appears to be too loose or too tight. After your skirt is gathered, measure it against your bodice and pull your threads and gathers to adjust to fit. I find that ironing your gathers can make attaching them easier, and makes them look neat and tidy.

Final Pic.jpg

Finish your hem and your dress is complete, well done for making to day 5! Don’t worry if you are still finishing up, you have until Sunday at midnight EST to catch up and submit your final photos. Please post minimum of one progress photo and one final photo in the albums in the LLK Sewing Group, Sew-a-Long photo album.A random winner will be selected and announced on Monday the 11th, so be sure to add those photos to qualify for the drawing. I’m looking forward to seeing all your beautiful creations.