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Bronx upcycle

Upcycling hoodies with the Little Lizard King's Bronx Hoodie pattern is an exciting way to elevate your fashion game while expressing individuality. It's a chance to unleash your creativity, reduce waste, and turn your hoodie into a fashion statement that will make you the envy of your peers. So, dust off that old hoodie, grab your sewing kit and get ready to transform something old into a work of art. In this blog, we'll explore why you should embrace the art of upcycling and revamping old hoodies to create unique, fashion-forward hoodies that are sure to turn heads, please stubborn kiddos, or make significant, cost-effective gifts.


First, dig into your closet or head to your local thrift store to find hoodies that have seen better days. Look for hoodies with exciting colors, patterns, or textures that catch your eye. Feel free to experiment; of the three hoodies I used in my projects, two came from a thrift store and cost less than $8. The third hoodie I found in my deep, dark closet just taking up space.


When looking for hoodies, especially thrifting, make sure the hoodie you select is large enough to accommodate your pattern pieces. You may need to take along the sleeve and bodice pattern pieces for reference to see if a particular hoodie will work for your project.


Now that you have your hoodie, it's time to introduce you to Little Lizard King's Bronx Hoodie pattern. This pattern is a game-changer, offering a trendy and versatile design that can be customized to your liking. It features unique elements such as a kangaroo pocket, a cozy hood, and various options styles. This pattern gives you the foundation to transform your old hoodie into a fashion-forward masterpiece.


For this project, you must deconstruct your hoodie by cutting along the seam. Please note I am using the Bronx pattern child size 10, and in each of these projects, I preserved the hood from all three hoodies and the pockets from two of them. Be creative; there are no hard or fast rules. If you don't have enough material, use fabric from your stash.



The first cut I made is along the hem and the sleeve cuff. If you are reusing these two pieces, please note they may need to be longer. To accommodate this, I eliminated the seam allowance. I cut off the ½ inch seam allowance from the bottom of the bodice and sleeve pieces. I will use a scant seam allowance when I sew the cuff to the sleeve or the hem to the bodice. I then removed the hood, which I could use, or cut new pieces if this one was too large or not to my liking. I then cut out the sleeves and the front and back bodice pieces.


Once each piece is cut out, it is time to lay out your pattern pieces and cut out your pattern. In these examples, I used a front bodice pattern on the front bodice, carefully preserving any logo if possible. I used the back bodice pattern on the back bodice piece, and so on. Upcycling is all about embracing your personal style. Play with the length, experiment with different sleeve lengths, or add a drawstring to the hood for an extra pop of style. The possibilities are endless, resulting in a hoodie that perfectly reflects your individuality.


One of the most exciting aspects of repurposing is the opportunity to get creative with fabrics and embellishments. Little Lizard King's Bronx Hoodie pattern allows you to mix and match different fabrics, trim, and ruffles and create visually striking contrasts. Also, consider adding patches, lace trims, or even embroidery to enhance the overall aesthetic and give your hoodie a personalized touch. In the example above, I added green trim to showcase the logo. Once you have all the pieces, simply follow the instructions in the Bronx Hoodie Pattern. It is fun, educational, and fast, especially if you reuse pieces like the pocket and/or the hood.


Little Lizard King's Bronx Hoodie pattern is a fantastic way to revamp your style and contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry. With creativity and the right tools, you can transform ordinary hoodies into stylish, one-of-a-kind fashion statements. Embrace the art of upcycling and enjoy the satisfaction of giving new life to forgotten garments. Best of all my kiddo loves her new hoodies.

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