Newport Shorts Upgrade: How to Incorporate Pleats


 Blogger: Deanna Mackin

Newport Pleated Shorts Modification

Newport is a sweet, vintage inspired shorts pattern with multiple leg variations. This blog will incorporate yet another option, for sizes 12 months through 4 years, showing how to change the gathered front of the waist to a pleated front. The pleat modification in this tutorial offers a gender-neutral option that can easily be styled year-round!

 To begin, choose which leg option will be sewn (bias, button tab cuff, ties or an elastic casing) and cut out all of the pattern pieces. If a longer length is desired, extend the hem of the leg 1 or 2 sizes. Follow the tutorial construction for the shorts through page 23. At this point in the construction, pleats will be created in lieu of gathering the front waist. To do this, turn the shorts wrong side out. Using a disappearing marking tool, mark the pleat placement lines provided in the chart (lines in red). There will be two pleat placement marks on both the left and right sides of the center seam creating a total of 4 pleats. Next, draw 1 1/2" (1.3 cm) vertical lines on both the left and right side of each pleat placement mark using the chart measurements (lines in blue). These lines will be the stitch lines. 



Create the first pleat by folding the fabric right sides together at one pleat placement line. The stitch lines will align when it is folded. Sew a 1 1/2" (1.3 cm) line of stitching directly on top of the previously drawn stitch line. Backstitch at the end of the stitching to secure the ends. Repeat to create the remaining three pleats. 

On the wrong side of the shorts front, press the pleated fabric toward the side seams. Sew a basting stitch along the entire front of the shorts to secure the pleats. The shorts front should now be the exact same width as the front of the waistband once the front and back waistband pieces are sewn together. Continue the pattern tutorial steps starting on page 25 to complete the shorts. Pleats will only be added to the shorts front and the shorts back will be gathered as usual per the pattern instructions. 

Pair the pleated Newport shorts with the Suspenders pattern for a dapper look!


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