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Attaching Grommets to the Lexington Dress with a KAM Snaps Handheld Press

Jane REuter


Blogger: Jane Reuter

From the moment the Lexington pattern was designed, I kept thinking about how cool it would be if instead of using fabric loops on the back bodice, I used grommets.  So, of course I had to try it and today I’m going to show you how easy it is to install a grommet with a KAM snaps handheld press.

The first thing I had to do was change out the hardware pieces for my press.  In case you didn’t know, different tools require different hardware for your press.  This is a simple process.  Simply unscrew both the top and bottom pieces and screw in the ones that go with your grommets. 


Using my awe, that came with my press, I poked a hole in the fabric at those spots. However, the grommets require a slightly bigger opening.  So, I VERY carefully used my small scissors to cut a tiny slit to open it further.  The opening should be just slightly smaller than the prong on the back side of the grommet.  If you make this opening too big, the grommet will NOT work.


Slide the prong of the grommet into the fabric opening.   From the right side it will be flush with the fabric.  On the back side, the prong will extend past the fabric.  Place the back grommet piece onto the prong. 


Place the back grommet piece onto the prong and simply place it in the handheld press, as directed, and give it a press.


Tadah…you have inserted a grommet!  What a fun little tool to get creative with!


Tutorial: Newport Suspender Shorts

Niina Kivelä

IMG_6868 edited.jpg

Blogger: Heidi Geren

Newport Suspender Shorts 

Happy Friday LLK friends! Aren´t you excited that it is finally warming up (or at least I hope it is where you are)?! If you are like me, you love to dress your daughter in vintage-y clothing. I adore the Newport Shorts as well as the Animazing skirt, so I decided to mash these patterns and create Newport Suspender Shorts with elastic legs! I paired my Newport suspender shorts with the Perfect Ten top. Continue reading to find out how to create this super cute look!!

pic 1.jpg

First, add 3/4" to the bottom of your front and back shorts pieces. This is so you can create an elastic casing later on. If you are not going to do elastic legs, skip this step. 

pic 2.jpg

Next, prepare the animazing straps, but add 3” to the length. This is to account for the shorter waistband on the Newport shorts. Attach the straps to the front waistband and the loops to the back at the same distance as the Animazing pattern says.

pic 3.jpg

Construct the waistband according to the Animazing pattern instructions. When it is time to make the elastic casing, masure down 1.5", draw a line, and sew to make the casing. Insert the elastic here. 

pic 4.jpg

Follow the Newport pattern instructions to construct the shorts. When it’s time to make the
elastic casing, turn the fabric 1⁄4” wrong sides together, and then another 3⁄4”. Topstitch 1⁄8” from the edge to create the casing. Be sure to leave an opening to insert the elastic. Measure your child’s thigh and use this measurement for the elastic length.

Finally, attach your shorts to the waistband. The only difference from the Newport pattern is that your waistband seam will not be enclosed.

pic 7.jpg

Congrats! You’ve made Newport suspender shorts! I can’t wait to see what you create!

pic 8.jpg

Lahaina Sew Along - Day 5

Niina Kivelä

Sew Along Host: Tina Spieker

Lahaina Sew Along Day 5

Welcome to the final day of our Lahaina Sew A Long! I have had so much fun this week sewing up some new options for this already amazing pattern!

Photo #11.jpg

If you haven’t quite finished, don’t stress. You have the weekend to finish up and post your finished dress in the Facebook Group Lahaina Sew Along Album.