Marietta and Auburn in Stitch Cheater from Riley Blake Designs

Blogger: Asha Robin

Marietta and Auburn in Stitch Cheater from Riley Blake Designs

I have  been in love with quilts for a while!! While I have dabbled with quilting a bit, I never had a chance to make a quilted dress. Riley Blake Designs Stitch Cheater Print Multi collection designed by Lori Holt is a dream come true!

The fabric is designed to look like actual quilt blocks, giving the print a truly quilted feel to it. 

This print features quilt blocks with low volume backgrounds set on point and separated by a dashed line.

With temperatures falling, and the thoughts of keeping my little one warm and stylish, I choose to make the Marietta Coat with an Auburn Bonnet. I have always been inspired by vintage, classic designs, and these patterns have my vintage loving heart swooning!

The Auburn bonnet works well across all seasons. With the freezing weather here, the Auburn bonnet complimented the Marietta jacket beautifully. Marietta is a classic coat or vest with a beautifully finished lining and incredible options for all the fine details. And the pockets… Yes this pattern is available with not one, but two pocket styles to choose from - either inseam pockets or heart-shaped, patch pockets. There are options for a large collar and a small collar as well. Marietta can be sewn with simple skirt or full skirt and the the skirt can be long or short. There are so many beautiful options available to make the coat you are dreaming of!!

The combination of these patterns with Riley Blake's Stitch Cheater Print Multi collection has provided a great start for my New year!! I hope this New Year fulfills all your hopes and dreams too!!
Happy Sewing!

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