Sewing's Next Generation

Blogger: Ava Angeles

Several weeks ago we met Ava Angeles, a talented sewer who is 13 years old. The next generation is developing an interest in sewing, just like Ava, and LLK is honored to be part of this process. We hope you will enjoy getting to know Ava and learning more about her inspirational journey.


I have always liked to craft. Before I started sewing, I learned how to crochet and did a bit of knitting. I also love to do Chinese painting and calligraphy, which is part of my heritage.

My sewing journey started when I was 8. I learned how to hand-sew using a sewing kit my mother had given me and sewed a cat whom I named Penrose. 

After that, I did some easy sewing kits for kids and made minor repairs to my clothes and bags, but didn't sew very much.

Last Christmas, my parents gave me a Brother sewing machine. Because my mom didn't have much sewing experience, she enrolled me in some online sewing classes so that I could learn how to use my sewing machine.

In my first class, I made a pair of matching circle skirts for my sister and me. They were very basic and did not have a pattern. I continued to progress with the help of a teacher, making a long-sleeved turtleneck and A-line miniskirt for myself. 

When my younger sister saw my turtleneck, she told me that she also wanted one. So I made matching Harry Potter-themed turtlenecks for both of us, as we are both fans of Harry Potter. She then proclaimed it her “most favorite shirt ever!” 

Last Halloween, I decided to embark on a more ambitious project: I planned to make our Halloween costumes for this year. The theme was Lord of the Rings, which was chosen by my sister because she had been reading the trilogy. My sister and I dressed up as Frodo and Arwen, respectively.

I made Frodo’s cloak from dark green flannel fabric by following a YouTube DIY video. Then I sewed Arwen’s coronation dress from light green rayon and chiffon using a paper pattern. The dress took me about a day to make because of the sheer amount of fabric that I had to work with, but the cloak was very simple and straightforward to sew. 

My mother discovered LLK patterns last September. I started by sewing Tofino, which was very easy to follow (even though I had never worked with a lined bodice before) because of the clear instructions and embedded video links. I used a white floral knit fabric for the dress and made the version with flounce sleeves. My sister loved it, mainly because the dress was perfect for twirling. 


Encouraged by my success with the Tofino, I decided to sew another dress using the Parker pattern the next day. It was about as easy to sew as the Tofino, and I loved the ruffles on the sleeves. The neckline and the gathered skirt were a bit tricky for me to sew, but I am happy with how it turned out. I used green Harry Potter fabric for the Parker. My sister also loved this one. 

I love sewing because it is a craft that creates a useful and practical product, in this case, clothes that my sister and I can wear. I also like it because I can freely pick which fabric to use and make alterations to the pattern if I want to.

Most of all, I like sewing for my sister because she loves the clothes I make for her.

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