Summer Swim Capsule

Sewing a Summer Swim Capsule with LLK Patterns

Summer is approaching, and for kids who live for water adventures, having well fitting swimwear is a must. I recently took on on a fun challenge: creating a summer swimwear capsule for my children with LLK Patterns and my favorite fabric supplier, Carriage House Printery. 

The result? A collection that not only looks adorable and fits perfectly but is also functional and perfect for endless hours of poolside fun. By selecting coordinating fabrics, I created several mix-and-match possibilities. The best part about building a capsule is the ability to create a variety of looks by pairing different pieces together. 

The Antibes Swim Top & Halsey Shorts

One of the key pieces in this collection is the Antibes swim top. I make an Antibes top with almost every swimsuit I sew, as it provides excellent sun protection and keeps those sweet shoulders from getting burned. The top is one of the easiest swim patterns we offer. It comes together quickly and includes crop length and an open back detail for those who want to mix it up a bit. 


The Halsey shorts are made from stretch woven fabric which is a fantastic base that’s perfect for swim shorts. These shorties are comfortable to wear and easy to sew, making them ideal for a day at the waterpark. 

Mix and Match Fun with Sanibel & Sylvabelle

Our Sanibel tankinis feature rainbow flutters and a paneled bottom designed with a fun play on stripes. This swimsuit is a great canvas for fabric mixing and a beginner friendly design for those who are new to sewing swim. Since swimwear does not require much yardage, I had enough fabric left to make two Sylvabelle suits which coordinate perfectly with this capsule. 

Waikiki for the Win

There’s lots to love about the Waikiki swim cover! These are made from a super soft French terry with adorable pockets and an oversized hood. This pattern will typically fit kids for at least two years, so it gets a lot of use. They are great for staying warm and dry after getting out of the water or early morning beach walks. Waikiki is one of my favorite things to make every season.

The Joy of Creating a Swim Capsule

Sewing swim is one of my favorite things, as my kids live in the water and wear their suits on repeat all summer long, and with LLK, you know that everything will fit perfectly. 

Designing a swim capsule was not only fun but also rewarding. Knowing that they have cute and comfortable swimwear that they enjoy wearing makes every stitch worthwhile. 

If you have never given swim a try, I encourage you to jump right in. Not only do you get to unleash your creativity, but you also get to see your kids enjoy wearing your creations. So why not make a splash and create a capsule that you and your kids will love? 

All of the fabric in this collection is from Carriage House Printery by Indy Bloom. I used a combination of stretch woven, French terry, and swim. CHP swim is my favorite swim base, and I use it almost exclusively.

This was my first time using the new stretch woven and French terry, and they were a dream to work with!  

P.S. Did you notice the cute, coordinating towels? CHP offers matching towels! Bring on the summer!!


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