Fairy Tale Magic - Tinker Bell

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Costume and Photography: Jane Reuter

Tinker Bell

Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. Dreams are forever.

One of the most well known fairy tales has children looking dreamily in the night sky for the second star to the right and the entrance to Neverland.

Our beloved fairy friend and the classic storyline comes to the life with this dazzling Tinker Bell costume which glows of magical adventures, fairy dust, and glimmering, iridescent wings!

Tinker Bell’s signature green dress and elegant wings are perfectly captured in this wonderful design that intersects whimsical fun and childhood tales.

To this end, Jane encompasses the spirit of this small yet feisty character using the Stirling pattern by Little Lizard King for a pixie perfect look. A two toned color way lays the framework for the bodice stitched up in the classic option with a straightened back overlay.

Jane has sparked imaginations and actualized childhood dreams through her take on Tink!

Glittering green fabric provides a spirited touch to this costume, topped with tiered tulle skirting and self drafted petals for true Tinker Bell charm. This dress is simple to stitch and the end result is absolutely perfect from top to bottom!

As you continue on your sewing journey, remember that while Tink spreads pixie dust and grants people the ability to fly, sewists throughout the world spread joy and love through gifts of hand made.

We hope that Fairy Tale Magic week inspires you to continue spreading proverbial pixie dust to others.

Pattern: Stirling

All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust.
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See the free Tinker Bell coloring page featuring this dazzling costume.

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