Fairy Tale Magic - Jasmine

Fairytale 18.jpg

Costume and Photography: Richelle Hernandez


A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no
Or where to go
Or say we’re only dreaming

Under the heat of dessert sun Princess Jasmine awaits a magical carpet ride.

Richelle effortlessly transports us to the world where mystery abounds — a land filled with flying carpets and sand dunes where we summon a genie from a magical oil lamp to grant our wishes.

With intelligence, ambition, and determination this female heroine defies tradition in the spirit of activism.

In the same vein, Richelle champions individuality. She introduces us to “A Whole New World” of fashion and is not afraid to think outside the sewing box!

Little Lizard King’s Delray features an eclectic combination of unique styles, providing a perfect pattern platform for this sparkling costume adorned with dazzling embellishments and magnetic allure. With a few modifications to the pattern, she created a bewitching vision.

We didn’t think it was possible for someone to successfully rock the crop top and flowy pants like this, but we all know Richelle can do most anything, especially when gold trim is involved.

For those who are eager to recreate this look, Richelle gives us a sneak peek into the creation process of this incredible costume.

The teal colored one-piece features an airy skirt that was added by following the length of the pants for an awe-inspired overlay. An extra 1.5” in length was added to the pants hem in order to include an elastic casing for the authentic Jasmine style. To create the drop-shoulder sleeves, fabric was draped over the shoulders and stitched to the straps.

The end result is simply outstanding, don’t you think?

Pattern: Delray

Fairytale 47.jpg
When the wind’s from the east and the sun’s from the west
And the sand in the glass is right
Come on down stop on by
Hop a carpet and fly
To another Arabian night
Fairytale 42.jpg

See the free coloring page featuring the Jasmine costume.

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