Portofino and Benicia Pattern Mash

Blogger: Sophie Magico


Portofino and Benicia are two of my most sewn Styla patterns. So,  it’s a no brainer I mashed them together into one garment. Once I prepped my pattern pieces, it was a breeze to sew! I usually use a projector to cut my pieces, but for projects like this I am glad I still kept my printer.

Let’s get started.

I printed and taped the Portofino dress bodice (waterfall front and simple back) and the Benicia dress front and back. Before mashing the pieces together, I cut the 3/8" (1 cm) waist seam allowance off of the bottom of the Portofino front and back bodice. 


I opened up the Portofino front by mirroring the top fold on to an attached tracing paper. 


This piece will now be joined to the Benicia pattern. Join the patterns using the lengthen and shorten line on both the Portofino bodice and the Benicia pattern pieces as a guide.

Cut and sew the pieces following the “Sewing the Dress with Simple Back” section of the Portofino tutorial as a guide. However, do not attach the side seams! 

To finish the side seams, separate the back dress main and lining and fold the back main on top of the front main right sides together. Fold the back lining behind the front dress. The back and front lining should be right sides together. Align side edges and sew through all 4 layer all the way to the dress hem. 


Turn right side out and press. 

Go back to the Portofino tutorial to add the sleeves of your choice. I used the banded short sleeves. 

Press the bottom, raw edge of the dress 5/8“ (1.6 cm) wrong sides together. Sew to secure the hem using your preferred stretch stitch. 

Your “Portonicia” or "Benifino" is done! 



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