Jackson Leggings with a Waistband Pocket


Blogger: Jenn Meitin Williams

Jackson Leggings with a Waistband Pocket

The Jackson pattern is a go to pattern for me, but I kept wanting a pocket to hold a key or phone. This blog post details how to add a functional back pocket to the waistband of the Jackson leggings! The Jackson leggings are a free pattern and can now be made with a pocket!! 

To get started, print two copies of the high-rise waistband in the size needed. Size 6 will be used for this blog tutorial. Fold the waistband pieces in half to find the middle.

Measure 3 1/4” (8 cm) from the center fold line on both sides and draw a vertical line. This is shown on the back of the paper pattern piece for clarity.


Cut the waistband along the drawn lines. Transfer the fold lines and the bottom notch. Repeat with the second printed waistband piece. Discard two of the four side pieces.

On one of the center pieces, measure 3/4” (1.9 cm) from the top edge and draw a line. Cut away the top portion and discard.

Use another sheet of paper to add 3/8” (1 cm) seam allowance to the waistband pieces as shown below.


Using a separate sheet of paper, cut a rectangle that is 7 1/4” (18.4 cm) wide by 3 1/2” (8.9 cm) tall. Tape the rectangle to the top of the center piece that is not trimmed.


The below photo shows what the completed pieces should look like.


Cut out the waistband fabric pieces with the new waistband pieces. These will be the pieces for the back waistband. It is important to cut out the triangle notches on the two center piece to denote the bottom of the pieces. Cut out a front waistband piece using the original high-rise waistband piece. The front waistband piece is not shown below.


Fold the top edges of the two center pieces 5/8” (1.6 cm), wrong sides together. Hem the top edges using a stretch stitch or coverstitch. It is important that these two hems stretch easily.

Place one side piece right side up to use as a guide. Place the shorter center piece next to it, right side up.

Place the taller center piece on top of the shorter one as shown below. Overlap the hemmed edges until the two center pieces are the same height as the side piece. Baste the overlap into place on both sides.


Place one side piece right sides together with the basted center pieces. Align the straight edges. Sew to attach using a 3/8” (1 cm) seam allowance and a stretch stitch or serger. Repeat with the remaining side piece and opposite edge.


Topstitch the seams if desired. The back waistband piece should look as follows.


Place the front and back waistband pieces right sides together. Sew to attach at the side edges with a 3/8” (1 cm) seam allowance and stretch stitch or serger. Topstitch the side seams if desired.


Fold the waistband in half, wrong sides together.


Use pins to pin the front and back pocket seams together. The pocket side seams will be sewn together so that the pocket is not open to the rest of the waistband. Make sure to only pin through the back waistband pieces. Do not pin through the front waistband.


Use a stretch stitch or coverstitch to topstitch the two pocket side seams.


The waistband is now complete and can be attached to the leggings per the pattern tutorial. Make sure the pocket is at the back of the leggings when attaching the waistband. 








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