Tulum Palazzo Pants Hack

 Blogger: Holly Lange

Tulum Palazzo Pants Hack

Spring and summer are my favorite months of the year to get outside and make memories with family. In anticipation of the hot days ahead, I have started planning a wardrobe of lightweight, relaxed garments. One item of clothing I’ve been longing to have in my wardrobe is a pair of Palazzo pants for pool and beach trips.

This tutorial is a guide for hacking the Tulum pants into a pair of tiered Palazzo pants. The pockets and waist tie have been omitted in this tutorial but can be included if desired. As recommended in the original tutorial, lightweight, woven fabrics will work best. Fabric with a width of 44” (112 cm) or greater is highly recommended. For my Palazzo pants, I used a rayon challis from Carriage House Printery, which comes in a width of 56” (142 cm) and 120 GSM. An optional lining is included as part of this tutorial. If adding the lining, use a lightweight, woven fabric.

To begin, print a paper copy of the Tulum Pants pattern. The pattern is drafted for a standard 5’5” adult. If the length of the pants needs adjusted for height, please do so now at the lengthen/shorten lines. If adding or removing height, it is helpful to make a muslin of the original Tulum pants before beginning to check the length. 

As an optional step, a woven lining can be added so the tiered seams do not touch the thigh or lower leg. If adding the lining, trim 3 inches (7.5 cm) of length from the Tulum front and back leg pattern pieces. The lining is shortened because the Tiered Palazzo Tulum pants length is also shortened from the original pattern length to prevent dragging or tripping due to the larger circumference of the bottom tier of fabric. 

Cut 2 mirror image sets of both the front and back Tulum leg pieces from the lining fabric. 

The legs of the Palazzo pants will have 2 gathered tiers that begin at the shorts cut line of the pattern. Cut 2 mirror image sets of the front and back pant leg pieces using the shorts cut line. These pieces should be cut from the main fabric. 

Cut the waistband pieces. Additionally, cut 2 top and bottom front tiers and 2 top and bottom back tiers for a total of 8 tier pieces from the cut chart provided in this blog. Please keep in mind that these measurements are based off of the pattern’s standard drafting height of 5’5”. It may be necessary to shorten/lengthen the length measurement of the tiers based on the wearer’s height. The numbers listed in this chart are length x width. 

Cut Chart:

If adding the lining, sew the front and back leg lining pieces together per the pattern instructions on pages 27-28. In addition, sew the bottoms per the instructions on page 36. However, do not sew/attach the waistband onto the lining pieces at this time. Keep the lining wrong side out and set it aside. 

Sew the main Tulum shorts pieces according to the original pattern instructions on pages 27-28. Once completed, set it aside. 

Take 1 top front and 1 top back tier section and place them right sides together. Sew at both sides with a 1/2” (1.3 cm) seam allowance to create one circular top tier piece. Finish the seams with a zig zag stitch or serger. Repeat this for the other top front/back tier sections as well as both bottom front/back tier sections. These pieces should all be made from the main fabric. There are now 4 circular tiers and a Tulum shorts sewn together without the waistband. 

Take one bottom tier and hem it according to the instructions on page 36. Repeat this for the remaining bottom tier. 

Next, gather the edge opposite of the hem of one of the bottom tiers. I recommend using 2 basting stitches to do so. 

Gather the tiers to fit the top tier above and repeat for the other bottom tier. 

Place the top tier inside of the bottom gathered tier with right sides together. Align the raw, gathered, top edge of the bottom tier with the raw, non-gathered, bottom edge of the top tier. Sew to attach with a 1/2” (1.3 cm) seam allowance. 

Finish the seam with a zig zag stitch or serger and iron it flat. Repeat for the opposite leg. 

Take one of the two-tiered leg pieces and gather the top of the leg piece the same width as the bottom of the shorts piece. After gathering, attach the two-tiered gathered leg piece to the shorts piece in the same manner as done for the bottom two tiers. Repeat for the opposite leg. 

There are now two complete legs. If adding the lining, keep it wrong side out and slip into the outer tiered pants leg. Make sure the wrong side of the main tiered pants is facing the wrong side of the lining leg. Baste in place at the waist with a 1/4” (0.6 cm) seam allowance. 

Complete the pants and attach the waistband according to the original instructions on pages 29-33.

You have now completed your Palazzo pants! I paired mine with the Styla Houston top!

For more fun options, create a pair with only 1 tier or shorten the tier lengths for a capri pants look. Be sure to share your makes in the Styla Patterns Sewing Group on Facebook!



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