Creating a Faux Button Placket Cold Shoulder Frisco


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Creating a Faux Button Placket Cold Shoulder Frisco

One of my favorite things to do, when I'm not sewing, is to scroll Pinterest for inspiration. A few weeks ago I stumbled across a photo of a top that looked like Frisco, but it had a button placket with gold buttons running down both sleeves. I gasped and immediately knew I had to make one for myself. I thought it would be easy to recreate using the wonderful Styla patterns as a guide. Turns out it was! I'm so excited to show you all how to add a faux button placket to the Frisco cold shoulder option. First grab a copy of the Frisco pattern here.


Making a Faux Button Placket

You will need to add the faux placket to the sleeve pieces find the center of the long sleeve by folding the bottom wrist area of the sleeve in half to create a crease on the paper pattern piece.


Next, lay the folded pattern piece onto the cut sleeve fabric and transfer the center line directly onto the fabric using a water soluble pen.

I chose to create a placket that is 1.25" wide when finished. You can play around with the measurements depending on how chunky or slim you want your placket to appear.

Since I wanted a 1.25" finished placket I cut two rectangular fabric pieces 2.5" x length of the sleeve center. For a size 20, my strip was 2.5" x 19.5". I also cut two pieces of stabilizer the same size to stabilize the fabric for adding buttons later on.


After cutting, iron the stabilizer onto the center of the placket pieces. Finish preparing the faux placket by folding the long edges in toward the center and press well.


Now, center the faux placket onto the center marking of the sleeve as seen in the photo below. Pin or tack in place with flexible fabric glue.


Topstitch the faux placket in place using a stretch stitch.


Continue with the Frisco pattern tutorial. Once you are finished with your Frisco, it's time to add the buttons. I used six 3/8" buttons per sleeve. I used a button gauge to determine placement and marked it with a water soluble pen. Stitch the buttons in place.


You are done!

How fun and eye-catching is this top? I'm absolutely in love and cannot wait to make a dress version next!




Happy sewing,


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