Meet the Designer - Jane Reuter

Blogger: Jane Reuter

Hey everyone! My name is Jane, and I am so excited about the announcement of Styla!!! I have been working at Little Lizard King for over 5 years now and it has been such an amazing journey to watch LLK grow!

My hubby and I reside in the sunny state of Florida. We have 4 sweet children, 1 daughter and 3 sons, who are growing up way too fast and keeping us way too busy. I began drafting children’s sewing patterns when my daughter was younger, and it has been so fun watching her grow up wearing them.

As she began aging out of LLK sizing, it was a very hard moment for me. However, when she transitioned into adult patterns, it created a new bond between us.

Now, we look at fabrics and decide what styles and looks we want to create together. It’s such a rewarding experience to make clothing that fits our bodies and is something we truly love to wear. Our goal at Styla is for everyone to have this same experience and joy with self-sewing and a welcoming community to share it with!

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