Cologne Top


Blogger: Kerry Hotchin

Cologne Top 

When I first saw the Cologne dress pattern I thought ‘wow that is a stunning dress. I’m a plus size gal, and though I’m comfortable with my curves, I prefer a gathered skirt to a fitted one.

But I loved the mock wrap style of the Cologne pattern, which got me thinking… Was there any reason why it couldn’t be a top instead? Then I could dress it up with the flutter sleeves and tie, or dress it down with long simple sleeves and no tie. So I set about making one, and here’s what you need to do to make one too.

First of all, print the pattern pages –  choose one style of sleeve or the other. Print all the skirt pieces off as they'll be used to make the top. 

If you need to shorten or lengthen the bodice piece because your height is not the average 5”5 then do so now. The skirt piece can also be shortened or lengthened using the top lengthening/shorten line. You won’t need to use the lower line.

When you’ve graded and cut your pattern pieces according to the tutorial instructions, measure down from the top of the skirt piece 12”. If you have added any extra length into the skirt, add this extra length. So, for example, if you added 0.5” you will measure 12.5” down from the top of the piece. Draw a line horizontally across at this point, and trim the pattern piece to this line. This is now the lower section of your top, and you’ll use this instead of skirt pieces. 

Cut out the pieces and sew them together according to the tutorial. 


When it gets to hemming the top, overlock the edge and then folded it inwards by 7’8” to give a slightly deeper hem. 

You can still add the belt loops and sash if you wish, but for a more casual look the top looks great without too! 

This was such a quick sew and makes a great staple item for your wardrobe!

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