Sewing with Grommets and Kam Snaps

Blogger: Liz King

KAMsnaps is a popular brand that supplies products used to install snaps and grommets. 

Grommets and snaps are a functional and fashionable addition to any sewing project when a fast and easy fastening option is needed.

I use snaps on the regular when sewing. Snaps can be applied in substitute for buttons and come in a wide array of fun colors and cute shapes. Size 20 is the most commonly used snap size (pictured above and below), and is available in 3 prong lengths to accommodate different fabric types and thicknesses. For years, I have used KAMsnaps hand-held pliers to secure the snaps in place.

Grommets are available in a range of sizes, finishes and colors. Grommets often serve a dual purpose of form and function. They add a professional, modern look. In fact, sometimes their only job is to provide an aesthetic embellishment, but they usually have functional purposes as well.

Grommets are often found on garments with drawstrings or straps. They are also used when making bags, curtains, and home decor. Pictured below is the LLK Sarasota sewing pattern with straps threaded through grommets and a snap front closure.

Grommets and the tools needed to insert them are easy to use. To install, two parts of the grommet are forced together with fabric sandwiched in the middle, resulting in a professional looking, durable hole. 

I've recently started using more grommets when sewing and decided to upgrade my handheld tools for the heavy-duty KAMsnaps table press. The table press has a more consistent result which increases the ease and accuracy of install. It's a rock star.

The table press can install snaps, rivets, and grommets. It can also perform other functions such as removing snaps, punching holes, covering buttons, and clamping key fob hardware.


The functionality of the table press is superb! It really is very easy to use and I'm already envisioning my next project - with rivets!


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