Fairy Tale Magic - Pirates of the Caribbean

Costumes and Photography: Gloria Powers


Pirates of the Caribbean 
Jack Sparrow & Elizabeth Swann


The Pirates of the Caribbean is a movie filled with ferocious adventure, epic sea battles, and whirlwind characters, however, the film would be nothing without its impressive costuming.

Captain Jack Sparrow may be a troublemaker, but he certainly knows how to make an impression and his attire is a huge part of that. Gloria Powers fashioned Captain Jack’s recognizable ensemble using a combination of patterns. She began by making a woven Sausalito (sized up one size), widened the sleeve, and added elastic. On the front bodice, she opened up the neckline and incorporated a facing. She made Oakland pants and a richly colored Benton vest with belts layered atop for steampunk style

Jack knows how to accessorize, too, from the necessary swords to his Eze hat that brings it all together. Gloria said that collaborating with her son throughout the design process was really fun for both of them, and he naturally pulled off the unforgettable look. 


Gloria’s incarnation of Elizabeth Swann’s wedding dress is the first that we’ve seen at Fairy Tale Magic, and she discusses her approach to costuming this captivating character. 

The construction of the leading lady’s bridal gown is fully replicable. To curate this remarkable design Gloria started with Granada and lengthened the skirt and flounce for the sake of authenticity. She incorporated Canterbury sleeves, shortened to the elbow and added a ruffle on top. Throughout the design process she took the importance of materials into consideration. In the end, this gown is statement-making glamour.


These designs really signify Gloria’s journey as a talented costumer, and we are so glad she jumped right in this year at Fairy Tale Magic. Pirates of the Caribbean celebrates the idea of carpe diem. There is no “perfect” moment. The right time to grasp opportunities and set sail on your adventurous journey is now. 



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