Fairy Tale Magic - Harry Potter


Costumes and Photography: Elise Ribeira


Harry Potter

Fairy Tale Magic is about to be a little more magical, but only for muggles. Harry Potter fans, prepare to be truly mesmerized. This collection of costumes is the culmination of many years of intense adoration from Elise Ribeira who describes herself as one of the original, first-generation Harry Potter obsessed fans. 


For those of you who don’t know, Elise has a room in her home dedicated to all things Harry Potter, so when we asked her to participate she quickly agreed. Elise didn't want to take on such an important task until she had the time and skills to do it justice, and today she thinks her 12 year old self would be thrilled with the result!

This reproduction naturally began with a classic Hogwarts uniform, so she constructed a Gibson pinafore in a nice, weighty twill suiting fabric paired with a Day Dreamer top. Elise intentionally kept these staples house-neutral so as to easily adjust alliances, and she added New Haven leggings and a simple necktie (which can easily be changed out) as a fun and easy way to rep her kids’ favorite house! 

In keeping with tradition, a Rivendell cloak was a must-make with a simple hack of leaving off the straps and opting to use fun shoulder hooks for a more fashionable accessory.

For a less traditional but far more unique outtake, Elise created Quidditch-style activewear! The color blocking features on both the Marin top and Solvang leggings provide ample opportunity to highlight house colors. 

Elise layered the Detroit jacket atop as a fun letterman-style piece. The little piping/trim detail on the bodice seams were fashioned using the same method as the Solvang trim, and the big, open area on the back provided plenty of space for creative, free-styling details! 

A true Quiddich uniform is not complete without leg bracers, and the Camden pattern was perfect for this finishing touch! 

Elise used faux leather for the padding, and some athletic knit for the bracers.

In the design process, one thing led to another; after all what is a seeker without their snitch!? This adorable snitch costume was created with a standard London leotard with one simple hack!

Rather than sewing the leotard sides before the sleeves, Elise opted to sew the sleeves to the open bodice, leaving the entire side seam (from sleeve to hip) open for wings! She gathered and attached a simple piece of tulle which was then trimmed after sewing to create the perfect shape.

 Last but not least, Elise couldn’t help but make a costume for her all-time favorite character, Luna Lovegood. Luna’s attire opens the door for so many fun opportunities to mix all sorts of fun textures, patterns, and shapes! 

Elise used a beautiful wool for the Marietta coat worn on top of a Benicia top with dramatic bishop sleeves and an Indy pinafore to add a fun layered element. The bold, contrasting fabric seemed very “Luna” and made for a perfect pair of Camden leg warmers as the finishing touch. Elise shares “I love this costume because the pieces are fun to wear together, but can also stand alone for regular use.”

Like Potter’s magic spells, we’re sure the Ribeira kids felt transformed by these epic costumes. Let’s raise a glass of butter beer and toast Elise’s Potter inspired costumes.


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