Fairy Tale Magic - Aurora

Fairytale 28.jpeg

Costume and Photography: Rachel Iafigliola


Sleeping beauty is one of the classic fairytales that captivates generation after generation. A daring adventure, love’s first kiss, and wonderful characters are a few reasons why we love this story — even though we might not be too keen on falling into an enchanted sleep.

I know you,
I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you,
The gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam...
Fairytale 31.jpg

In the spirit of Sleeping Beauty, Rachel created an artful masterpiece that dazzles with details and has us dreaming of true love. This star-dusted dream gown features a princess-pink Malibu bodice embellished with gold trims.

Sleeping Beauty is probably the most recognizable iconography of all the fairy tales, so Rachel tailored this design with a self drafted bust ruffle and bodice overlay to enhance Aurora’s celebrated style.

The lavish dress was fabricated with a star studded Lexington skirt that gives the dress an extra WOW factor. The skirt was completed with a beaded pearl, tulle overlay in maxi length creating a melodramatic effect. The end result felt like the storybook exploding into our world.

After the dress was hemmed, all this little princess needed was a tiara and voilà – her transformation into Aurora was complete. We will just need to make sure she stays far far away from any spinning wheels.

Patterns: Malibu and Lexington.

See the free coloring page featuring the Aurora costume.

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