Holiday Edition - Finland

Outfits and photos by Niina Kivelä

Holiday Edition - Finland

Today the Christmas Style Around the World Tour with Little Lizard King Patterns takes us to the far north, the realm of reindeer and the northern lights, Finland.

The Finnish Christmas season begins with Advent. Advent is the first Sunday in December, and many families use Advent calendars to count down the remaining days to Christmas Eve. The days preceding Christmas Eve are filled with decorating and baking; homes are decorated in traditional colors of red, green, and gold, and the delightful aroma of gingerbread fills the air. Candles are lit, and twinkling lights bring light to otherwise long dark days as the sun rises late and sets early this far north. Santa Claus, called Joulupukki in Finnish, visits many homes, in person on Christmas Eve to give presents to those who have been good. Before presents, songs are sung for Santa and often he'll join in the merriment and sing too!

Marta and Sofia photo 4 Final.jpg

Christmas lunch is a special treat of porridge with one almond hidden inside. The person who finds the almond gets to make a wish and hope it comes true! No festivity in Finland would be complete without a trip to the sauna! Before Christmas dinner families go to the sauna, then get dressed up for dinner and Christmas celebrations.

Sofia photo 6 Final.jpgSofia photo 8 Final.jpg

The Napoli and Bristol patterns are the perfect complement to each other and make a fabulous sister set! Sewn here in coordinating fabrics, the gray of the Bristol dress accentuates the delicate pattern of the red Napoli dress. These two dresses are made for pairing with cozy wool tights to keep warm on a long winter's night.

The Napoli is a great pattern to showcase beautifuly printed fabrics. The button front provides an opportunity to play with color and contrast.

Marta photo 2 Final.jpg

This gray fabric is a perfect choice for older girls, and the swiss dot is sweet and festive with an elegant touch. The tie sleeves on the Bristol pattern are a fun design element and a bit of visual interest.

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