Holiday Edition - Australia

Outfits and photos by Katy Lam

Holiday Edition - Australia

Warm, sunny Australia is the next stop on our Christmas Style with Little Lizard King patterns “Christmas Around the World” tour!

Holiday Edition - Australia .jpgDecember down under is a very different Christmas experience than many of us are used to. December is summertime in Australia, and daytime high temperatures are around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. So, holiday festivities and styles are suited to enjoying the beauty and natural wonders of Australia. Many spend the day at the beach or enjoying a family barbecue. Cities and homes are lavishly decorated, and it's fun to walk around and enjoy the sights. The festivities continue to Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) when a famous, week-long yacht race kicks off in Sydney Harbour.

Holiday Edition - Australia 4.jpg


Katy chose the Byron Bay top and skirt pattern for her girls' Christmas outfits this year. The sweet summery style of Byron Bay is perfect for keeping cool at a Christmas picnic! The crisp white top paired with the lovely delicate floral fabric of the skirts is a classic combination.

Maintaining a connection with nature and family is an important Christmas tradition.

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