Holiday Edition - Japan

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Outfits and photos by Arisa Mikuni

Holiday Edition 2019 - Japan

Day 3 of our Holiday Style Guide featuring Little Lizard King patterns has us visiting beautiful Japan!

Christmas in Japan is celebrated as a festive time for children and couples. Many streets, buildings, and stores are decorated with twinkling lights, and homes are decorated with Christmas trees and wreaths - similar to many American homes. Santa Claus makes his appearance and places special gifts for the children beside their beds on Christmas Eve. Many families also celebrate with a special dinner such as roasted chicken and Christmas cake. Traditionally, Japanese Christmas cake is decorated with whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate, and a Santa ornament.

Arisa chose the Stirling pattern for both of her daughters' Christmas dresses. Stirling has a timeless, classic appeal! Arisa used a luxurious black velour for her dresses which adds an air of elegance to the style. The fabric she chose has a bit of stretch which means her girls are fashionable yet still comfortable. Because December weather in Japan can range from 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit, the velour is the perfect choice to keep her girls cozy but not too hot. While the Stirling can be made with a contrasting fabric, or an overlay, Arisa simply used the velour to create a simple, timeless look. Trimmed with white lace and gold buttons, these dresses exude classic Christmas elegance.

Red hair bows add the perfect Christmas touch!

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