Brookings/St. Tropez Pattern Mash

Blogger: Jenn Williams

Brookings is definitely one of my most frequently made patterns. It sews up so quickly and is just too comfortable.

I am also quite obsessed with the thick, back straps of the St. Tropez swimsuit. I had to mash these two together for my ultimate bikini top (or sports bra). It’s actually a super simple hack so let’s just dive into it!

You will need both patterns for this hack.

Choose your size per the pattern instructions. If you need a size 8, you can use a size 8 for both Brookings and St. Tropez.

These are the pieces you need from each pattern:

St. Tropez

- Front Band (Main and Lining)

- Solid Back (Main and Lining) OR Tie Back (Main)

- Strap (Main)

- 3/8” Strap Elastic

- 1/2” Underbust Elastic

- 1/2” Bottom Band Elastic


- Front (Main and Lining)


There are two seams that need modifying for this mash to work.

To modify the Brookings shoulder seam, 1/4” must be added to the Brookings shoulder strap. This is a small amount that can be added as shown below with the red line. Blend the lines back together before the center neck is reached so there is a smooth transition on the center fold.

The second seam that requires modification is the side seam of the Brookings front. The Brookings side seam must be reduced by 1/4" (0.6 cm) as shown below by the red line.

The pieces are now modified and the bikini top/sports bra can be constructed. To construct the bikini top, both sets of tutorials will be used. The following instructions will reference which tutorial to use for each step but will not go into as much detail as the individual tutorials. To begin, construct the St. Tropez shoulder straps per the St. Tropez tutorial.

Next, sew the Brookings front main and lining together at the neck and arm openings per the Brookings tutorial. Do not sew the shoulders closed, as the straps will be inserted next.

With the bikini top right sides together, insert the straps into the shoulder openings per the St. Tropez tutorial. The straps will be sandwiched between the main and the lining. Ensure the right side of the strap is touching the right side of the bikini top. The pointed ends of the straps should be closest to the side seams. Sew to attach using a 1/2“ (1.3 cm) seam allowance. Use a sewing machine and a stretch stitch for this step. A serged seam may create bulk.

Trim the seam allowance and the corners. Turn the top right side out

If swim cups are being added, do so now. Baste the lining and main together along the bottom edge. The side seams are not yet sewn.

The bikini top can now be completed using the St. Tropez tutorial. Start by attaching the under bust band.

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