Rapunzel inspired Maui swimsuit


Bloggger: Jessica Rogstad

Rapunzel inspired Maui swimsuit

For my Rapunzel inspired swimsuit I used the Maui pattern with just a few modifications.  As soon as I saw the puff sleeves on Maui, I knew that they were destined for a princess inspired swimsuit! 

I chose to sew the two-piece option for our signature suit with a few extra special details.  

For the panel, I drew the corset onto the pattern piece to get the right look for lace panel of Rapunzel’s dress. Then I traced and cut two new pattern pieces for the top front making sure to add the seam allowance for my new pattern pieces. After cutting, I had three pieces for the front top: the center panel and the right and left side pieces.  For the criss cross part, I cut a strip of the pink swim fabric 3/4 inch wide (length will depend on the size of the panel, the suit size you are making, and how many laces you want)  and sewed right sides together on the long side with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. 

I then turned it right side out, pressed it flat, and cut it into four pieces for the laces.  Next, I topstitched the pieces in a criss cross pattern on the center panel.  I sewed the center panel to the two outside pieces and then pressed the seams to the center and topstitched them down.  

For the puff sleeves I cut 1.5 inch wide strips of the pink and purple swim fabric (length will depend on what size of suit you are making, just make sure it is longer than the pattern piece so you have room to cut it out).  Then I sewed them together alternating colors with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. I kept sewing until I had a panel big enough to fit the puff sleeve pattern piece. I did two separate panels but in retrospect it probably would have been easier to make the strips twice as long so that I could fit both puff sleeves on one panel.  I pressed all of the seams towards the pink stripes, so that I only topstitched on the pink stripes. 

The rest of the suit was just made using the directions as written.  This suit is fit for a princess and is definitely my daughter’s favorite swim suit of all time!


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