Rainbow Stripes with Snaps and Grommets

Sewist: Annie Lomeli

For those of you looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we have some rainbow inspiration for you today presented by KAMSnaps and Windham Fabrics.

KAMSnaps offers a plethora of snaps in all colors of the rainbow and a variety of sizes. The color selection they offer is truly remarkable. Annie enjoyed getting creative with snaps and grommets on this adorable Kendall skirt and Sarasota top set.

The fun mix of rainbow colors was perfect stitched up in Windham Fabrics Magic Stripes. This striped fabric was designed to inspire the world with beauty and color; it comes in white, blue and black. With three colorways available, any combination of colors is possible.

Annie added rainbow piping with incredible attention to detail on the Sarasota top which really take this fun outfit to the next level. It's finished with plastic Kam snaps presented in ROYGBIV rainbow order (size 20) and shoulder ties looped through grommets on the bodice for a sophisticated touch. 


We recently got a KAMSnaps table press which is such a luxury!

The table press is an industrial machine that can install all sorts of fasteners - snaps, rivets, and grommets, quickly and easily. If you are looking to upgrade from your handheld press, we highly recommend the table press! It's ideal for the home sewist, business owner, and those looking for easy, consistent results, this machine really makes the grommet and snap assembly a breeze!

What are you waiting for?? 


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