Lenox Headband


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Lenox Headband

Spring is in the air. Even in the cold, northeastern part of the country, I can feel it. With spring come warmer days, flowers, an influx of weddings, and beautiful dresses. But let’s not forget about the accessories. Accessories are those little items that can take your sewing creations from bland to “Bam!” I always sew with thoughts of which accessories will accompany my project. Things such as socks, shoes, earrings, bows, headbands, and etc…. You get the idea! If you are a creative soul, you will want to create many of your accessories. This blog will take the Lenox basic headband, add piping, custom fabric rosette, and pearls, making a headband worthy of any wedding or an outfit with a bit of appeal.



  1. Strips of fabric or ribbon 1.5 inches x 6 inches or longer. If you want to do larger flowers, broader and longer fabric can be used.
  2. Glue and glue gun
  3. Decorative pearls or Hotfix Rhinestones
  4. Felt or craft foam
  5. Lenox headband without the bow

The Lenox Headband

Create a Lenox headband per the instruction described in Little Lizard King's Lenox headband pattern. The only extra step is if adding piping, you will need to sandwich the piping between the two bands. Ensure bands are right sides together with a piping sandwich inside. You will not need to create the bow as it is not required for this project.

Creating the Fabric Rosette

Take the strip of fabric with the desired length and width and fold it in half lengthwise. Next, beginning at one end of the material, roll the fabric about ½ inch to one inch to create a center bud. With your hot glue gun, add a glue dot to hold the fabric in place. With the fabric still folded in half, tightly hold the fabric, twist, and turn the material around the bud in the same direction. Place a glue dot every so often to keep the fabric flower in place. When building the flower to the desired size, wrap excess fabric to the bottom of the flower— glue excess fabric to the bottom and trim.


Attaching flower to Felt or Foam Base

When attaching the flower to a felt (craft foam) base, it is as simple as cutting a felt circle and gluing the flower to it. Still, if you're anything like me and want to be a bit neater, I like to take a coin that is the approximate size of my flower, a quarter or half a dollar, and trace it onto my fabric felt. Then cut and glue the flower to the felt. At this point, attach the flower to the headband by gluing or hand stitching. You may also want to further embellish the headband by gluing pearls or hot fixing rhinestones to the headband and rosette.

Done!! I would love to see your creations!


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