Holiday Pajamas and Traditions - Day 2


Blogger: Georgi McKinney
Fabric: Carriage House Printery, Bamboo
Pattern: Northern Lights


The definition of "Tradition" is the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. It is natural for us to relate this idea to what is tangible or something we can see, but while I sewed my daughters Christmas pajamas I had a feeling of nostalgia.

It was a longing to share with her the very feeling of love and warmth I readily associate with Christmas pjs. ~~ To recreate the magical moments like hot cocoa by the fire while snuggled in snowflake fabric or watching the Macy's day parade swathed in buffalo check and reindeer headbands.

I could see her in my minds eye experiencing the first winter snow refusing to change out of her polar bear fleece night clothes shivering and smiling just the same. Maybe we'll make a midnight run to the local diner in our sassy Santa hats, not caring that we are wearing our matching baby girl and mommy holiday jammies.

Whatever traditions my daughter may chose to carry on, I hope there is at least one where she experiences the joy of Christmas through the excitement of Holiday pajamas. I wish for her a fascinating trip down memory lane similar to my own, one where she shares her very own pajama stories with her own children. This year is a little different for us in that we didn't go the traditional route for Christmas nighties.

Our family has an affinity for gnomes which is why River is wearing this adorable gnome print paired with a red gingham accents and a subtle muted navy. She has mentioned a time or two how soft and flowy this Carriage House Printery Bamboo feels against her skin. This is a huge bonus for a child with sensory processing challenges. We are on day three of her wearing them.


Any ideas on how to get them away from her so I can wash them??

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