Holiday Pajamas & Traditions - Day 1


Blogger: Kimberlee Franklin
Fabric: Carriage House Printery, Heavy Double Brushed Poly
Pattern: Lassen


The holidays are a wonderful time of year for many reasons, and one of our favorites is matching pajamas! Throughout the week we will share a variety of LLK pajama patterns (which are all on sale) along with favorite holiday traditions. Kimberlee joins us today with a darling set of sibling Lassens and her favorite family traditions.

“The Grinch Night” is one of our most cherished nights of the year! My family dresses in our tackiest green outfits (whatever you can throw together…as long as it’s green!), and we prepare a meal that’s all…you guessed it…green! 


We usually have spinach pasta with chicken, broccoli, salad, grapes and some kind of fun green drink (or milk dyed green for the kids).  We play dirty Santa with green wrapped presents under the tree that contain items that are green. Lastly, we watch “The Grinch” and eat green popcorn! It a wonderful family tradition.


Also, in our family, we give four gifts - “something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read” for Christmas. The girls all asked for soft pajamas for their “something to wear”, so they were thrilled! Carriage House Printery's heavy double brushed poly is so soft and thick; I couldn’t love it more! Plus, I haven’t sewn with knit in a year, so my oldest even said “Mom, you’re actually sewing with soft material”.


All of this together makes the holidays extra special!


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