Fairy Tale Magic - Peter Pan


Costumes and photography: Elise Ribeira 


Welcome to Fairy Tale Magic Week, 2020! With classic styles reminiscent of the vintage storybooks of decades past, this week-long celebration will evoke the magic and adventure surrounding timeless stories. 

We cannot wait to unveil a full week of fairy tale inspired sewing. Our talented makers designed their own takes on some of the most acclaimed styles and stories using LLK patterns as a foundation.

Today’s collection celebrates the mythical adventures of Peter Pan who famously refused to grow up. 

J.M Barrie's Peter Pan is a classic story that has been enchanting the world since 1904. The universal themes of childhood innocence and the inevitability of growing up will always be relevant. But the addition of fairies, flying, and adventure makes it especially enticing.

Elise has always loved anything related to Peter Pan, especially the home video stage adaptation with Mary Martin and in more recent years, the film starring Jason Issacs and Jeremy Sumpter. However, as an adult feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders, Elise has grown to appreciate the pragmatic and grumpy adult Peter from the film, Hook. 

She felt a bit of that childhood magic come back to life as she sewed together these magical costumes for her kids. “Seeing these characters come to life through my children made me so happy. I bet a little bit of pixie dust would have lifted all of us right into the air!”  

In his book, Barrie reminds us of the inevitable fact that all children grow up. However, it's times like these that we are able to catch a little glimpse of that whimsical, magical world of childhood through our own children's eyes.



Elise’s desire to never let go of childhood and her love of the beloved story served as the inspiration for this incredible costume collection. For her Fairy Tale Magic sews, Elise prioritized making costumes that were comfortable and easily wearable for future dress up. Little miss Tinkerbell was constructed using the Brunswick dress with a flutter ruffle and double layer chiffon skirt with a satin lining. 



Elise’s creations satisfy our desire for a never ending childhood that is full of adventure and imagination. To this end, she sprinkled some pixie dust and stitched up Wendy’s dress by mashing the Melbourne bodice and sleeves with the Isla maxi skirt. She used a double layer chiffon skirt with a lyocel lining to create this dreamy aesthetic. 

Peter Pan

Creating Peter Pan’s outfit provided Elise the story-book style sewing opportunity that satisfies her nostalgia for a time past and preserves the innocence of childhood that she never wants to let go of.

Peter Pan’s top was made using the LLK Andover top pattern. As a special detail, the neckline and hems were left raw. Elise added grommets and a leather string and stabilized the grommets with a strip of woven fabric. The Andover top was layered with a Benton vest (sans buttons). For Peter Pan’s bottoms, Elise used the Oakland capris. The outfit was complete with the finishing touches of a Coralie + Caspian satchel and a woven Seattle Beanie. As the Seattle Beanie is drafted for knit fabrics, she sized up the hat two sizes and straightened the curve. The hat was left unlined with unfinished edges, to create the raw look. 


Elise’s less-is-more, minimalist style drove her to choose simple, natural looks that make a big statement. These costumes that reflect the nostalgia and sweetness of an eternal childhood have already been worn multiple times! 


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