Fairy Tale Magic - Mother Gothel



Costume and photography: Gloria Powers

Mother Gothel

 Welcome back to Fairy Tale Magic Week at Little Lizard King. Today’s costume pioneers a new kind of villainess, one who embodies an undermining persona with a burning desire to retain her youthful beauty at all cost. 

Mother Gothel is a commanding and powerful presence who exemplifies the darker side of overprotective parents, one who proves it's possible to be evil without all the theatrics. 

Gloria rose to the challenge of recreating this age-defying villainess, expertly bringing the character of Rapunzel’s kidnapper to life. Her take on this film-inspired style leaves its mark as an unforgettable fashion moment. Mother Gothel’s ultra sophisticated, fiery pink number was constructed with echoes of the Renaissance era, a period of time meant to emphasize Gothel's immense age. 

While evil villains often employ grand costumes, Gloria notes a particular affinity for clean lines and timeless looks with visual nods to the sewing patterns of Sherbrooke (gown) and Lausanne and Benicia (sleeves) as the touch point of inspiration.

Emulating this look makes for a stylish premier. Gloria reveals a fiendishly sculpted gown veiled beneath a dramatic, hooded Rivendell cape. Her daughter looks stunning as she emerges in a meticulously crafted gown adorned by a square-neckline, sleeves gilded with gold trims, and a hemline that reaches her feet. The deep fuschia dress and coiffed hair with perfectly curled ringlets complete the costume that elevates this iniquitous/glorious look. 

Queen Ravenna of Rapunzel’s tower will forever remain a source of inspiration. If you find yourself gasping at the sight of her, taken aback at the glamour of it all, you are not alone. Gloria’s daughter is jaw dropping.

It’s an honor to be able to partner such a talented designer with whom magic is not required to secure a beautiful result.








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