Tutorial: Augusta x Capri Mash

Augusta x Capri Pattern Mash

For a fun, simple pattern mash, we are going to show you how to add the bodice knot from Capri to one of our favorite and most popular dress patterns, Augusta.

Sweet Melody 3.jpg

This bright and stunning floral and coordinate are from the Sweet Melody collection by Riley Blake Designs, designed by Lila Tueller. Main Bodice: Pink Melody Main Tie: Pink Melody Birdseed.

Sweet Melody 2.jpg

Print the sweetheart bodice from the Augusta pattern, elastic back (or your preferred back, it doesn’t matter which style back you choose!), the Capri bodice and the bodice knot, in the size being sewn.

Augusta Malibu Pieces Needed.JPG

Place the Capri Bodice over the Augusta bodice. Align the center seam. Align the top of the Capri Bodice to the top of the Augusta bodice. Trace the cut out onto the Augusta pattern. (Please note, the color of the Capri bodice was changed in this picture so the two different bodices could be more easily identified from each other.)

Augusta Mallibu Trace.JPG

Trim the cut out from the Augusta pattern. This is now the pattern piece to be used to cut the fabric.

Augusta Malibu New Bodice Piece.JPG
Augusta Malibu 3.JPG

Cut four Capri bodice knot pieces and sew them together as instructed to create two finished knot pieces. Place the knots onto the Augusta bodice as instructed in the Capri Pattern. Complete the bodice according to the Capri instructions, taking into account the new curved shape of the Augusta bodice.

Augusta Malibu 4.JPG

Such an easy little mash with a cute result!

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