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Blogger: Amira Miles

Kailua Tunic

Hello Little Lizard King friends!! Welcome to day 3 of Knit Week! We have shared so many amazing new techniques this week and have more to come! Make sure to check the blog back on Friday for even more ideas!

I have always loved the Kailua! Those cuffs are super adorable and I love that the bodice is lined. A lined bodice is perfect for chilly winter months! As much as I do adore a sweet girly dress, sometimes dresses just will not do. Sometimes my little one wants to wear her favorite jeans and a cute top, so I came up with a way to combine my love of all things girly with her need of warm practical winter clothes. I knew the Kailua would make the most perfect tunic, all I had to do was modify the pattern just a bit!

To start we need to add length to the front and back bodice pieces. To determine how much length you will need to add, you will print and assemble the pattern per tutorial. You will set the pattern pieces aside and measure your child.

You will want to measure your child from the tip of their shoulder to their natural waist.

Next measure the length of your pattern pieces, you will subtract your child’s measurement from the pattern piece measurement to determine how much length to add in. You will add this length to both the front and back pattern pieces.


To ensure you keep the curved bodice, you will want to cut the pattern and add in the length a little below the armscye.


Once you have your bodice pieces adjusted, you will need to adjust the skirt length. Measure your child from their natural waist to their hip. You may want to add a .5” hem allowance on to this measurement. You will use the skirt width given in the tutorial. Once you have the skirt measurement you can assemble the pattern as instructed per the tutorial! Super easy, right?! And there you have how to create a Kailua tunic, perfect for warm winter wear!

When you are finished stitching your version, make sure to share it with us in our Facebook group and on Instagram!

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