Rapunzel Inspired Sofia Dress

Blogger: Gloria Powers

Sofia is a perfect pattern to use when recreating a myriad of princess dresses, especially when adorning with special occasion fabrics, laces, and trims. 

Gloria's Rapunzel-inspired dress is a perfect rendition. The styling, structure, and shape is a wonderful balance of fashion and imagination.


To make the voluminous puff sleeves, Gloria used the slash and spread method.

To make your own, begin by printing the pattern piece for the puff sleeve, and draw a center line.

Next, draw lines approximately 2” on each side of the center line where you want to add fullness and a contrast fabric..

Number and mark the top & bottom of each piece. 

Cut along the lines and spread the pieces apart

Cut fabric, and add the seam allowance between each piece. Make sure to transfer all markings. 

Cut three pieces of contrast fabric about 2”-2.5” wide and the same length of the sleeve.

Place a piece of contrast fabric on top of piece #1 and sew to attach.

Open and  place the piece #2 on top of the contrast strip and sew. Repeat with the remaining strips and pieces #3 and #4.

The sleeve should now look like this. Finish the seams and press.

Press each seam on the fold.

With the sleeve right side up, bring one seam to the center of the new strip, pin. Then bring in the other to create an inverted box pleat. Repeat.

Sew the box pleats in place.

Add gathering stitches. Repeat for the other sleeve.

 Continue sewing the Sofia pattern per the instructions.







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