Pattern Testing at LLK


Many of you have asked how to become a pattern tester for LLK. Well, we decided writing a blog about this topic might be the best way to answer this question and reach as many LLK fans as possible! So let's dive right in and get down to the nitty gritty that everyone wants to know. 


LLK testers are such a crucial part of our company, and they have several responsibilities. First and foremost, testers are responsible for helping us perfect the fit of our patterns to help us maintain the gold standard fit that we always offer. To do this, testers are required to measure their child before each test. During the test, the tester will sew a bodice and provide fit pictures to the designer. After all fit pictures have been received the designer will make all needed changes to the design. In fact, this process may repeat more than one time. When the pattern pieces are perfected, the testers will sew a final garment using the final pieces and will take final photos of their model wearing the garment. When the pattern releases the testers share their beautiful garments in the LLK Facebook group and answer any and all questions on their post. All testers who met the requirements will receive the final pattern for free.


Approximately every 6 months, LLK posts tester calls in the main Facebook group. Tester calls are usually open for approximately 48 hours.



Well, there are several factors considered when choosing who will become the newest LLK testers. First and foremost, we love a good mix of skills from beginners to advanced sewists. Beginner sewists are important because we always aim to guarantee that a beginner sewist can follow our patterns and that the instructions are clear. Advanced sewists are important because their knowledge and skill allows them to make recommendations to the pattern tutorial and encourages us as a company to also introduce new skills and concepts to our customers with a few intermediate patterns or construction techniques.

Active Participation

Secondly, testers are chosen based on their current activity level in the main LLK Facebook group. Because testers are required to interact with the sewing community, it is important for us to know that engaging in our online community is something a tester currently does and is willing to do moving forward. When comparing two applicants for testing, it is very hard to know the capabilities or a tester if they have never posted in the LLK Facebook group. Testing is a time commitment. Therefore, if someone is already posting a lot in our group, we know they can handle the expectations of testing.


A third factor consider is photography. Photography is huge part of the fashion industry, especially for an online business. When posting a styled photo of the child for the tester call, we are mainly looking to see that the child is cooperative with standing still and posing for a photo and the basic photography skills can be met. When looking at LLK listings on the website, you will notice a few things. In general, we prefer a non-busy background in a natural, outdoor space. The subject should be in focus with no harsh sun or shadows on the picture. 


Styling is similar to photography, but is important enough that it deserves its own paragraph. In general, LLK loves garments made in timeless fabrics. The reason for this is because garments made in timeless fabrics can remain on the website for years to come! The models should be naturally styled for the photoshoot. We love to capture them in natural moments.


During a tester call you will be asked to fill out an application form and to post a style photo of your model in an LLK garment so we can see your work. The best advice we can give to all of our fans is to simply practice the process. Sew up your favorite LLK garment. Take your sweet model outdoors and take some photos of them as though it is a final photo shoot. Post your work in the group. And guess what!!! The next time we have a tester call you will have styled photos of your model in an LLK garment ready to post!!! In addition, some of our most amazing, long-term testers were not chosen from a tester call, but instead were noticed in the group because of their frequent posts, and they caught our eye!!

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