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Blogger: Kirsten Mann

 Lienz in Community

Well, just like that we are coming into March. January, for most of us, seems to be the longest month ever. Christmas is over; we pack all the Holiday decorations away and we are left longing for Spring and warm weather. It seems like February came and went and with it came terrible weather including storms!

I was excited to start sewing up some spring sews: for me that usually consists of dresses with long sleeves that can be paired with tights in colder weather and knee high socks in warmer temperatures- perfect for the transitional weather. 

This Riley Blake fabric line Community screams spring and happiness! I chose the Coral Community Floral as my main fabric, as it is a color I don’t often find and paired it with the Blush Community Plaid as the coordinate.

I was keen to try a pattern that I hadn’t sewn before. Aren’t we all!? I try so hard to sew my way through my vast collection of Little Lizard Patterns but always find myself making my absolute favorites. My new rule (haha!) is to only make one of any pattern in a particular size- we will see how long that lasts. My other New Year’s Resolution was to only use fabric I already have and I think that lasted for approximately a week. Ooops.

For two Christmases in a row, I intended to sew up a tulle Lienz, and both years my ideas never came to fruition. With that, I decided to change direction and sew up a spring Lienz! This pattern has several sleeve options and I opted for long sleeves. The split half skirt was perfect for showcasing the coordinate fabric. Of course, I had to sew up that beautiful sash to add the perfect finishing touch. 

I used the plaid for the sleeve binding, the bottom skirt and the sash and was itching to tie it all together with a hair accessory. I usually go for bows - I mean Flo has been wearing a bow in her hair since she was tiny - so that often means I sew up Nara or Newberry. But no, I had made a pact and was determined to sew up a different hair accessory. I LOVE the vintage vibes the Elba headband (woven) gives off and it tied it all together so well. 


All in all, I’m in love with the finished outcome.The fabric is beautiful and I’m so glad I tried out a new pattern. Turns out, Lienz isn’t just for Christmas - it’s an all rounder, every season kinda gig. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll manage to sew one up for Christmas this year …

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