Fairy Tale Magic - Wednesday Addams

Costume and Photography: Ashley Lewis


Addams Family - Wednesday  

Ashley Lewis has always loved Halloween and Wednesday Addams is one of her favorite characters. Ashley has always been intrigued by Wednesday’s spooky sense of humor and mischievous antics, claiming “I never fit a regular mold - maybe that’s why I was drawn to her character.” 

Wednesday, the oldest daughter of the infamous Addams family, isn’t traditional in any sense of the word. She's an outlier who doesn't want to fit in and sees deviation from social norms as her norm! Wednesday is a misfit who raises spiders, tortures her brother, and typically appears full of woe!   

Wednesday’s peers find her a bit peculiar, and part of that is due to her sinister aesthetic. With a recognizable aura of individuality and self confidence, Wednesday Addams serves as the inspiration behind Ashley Lewis’ Fairy Tale Magic costume. Ashley has a penchant for Addams’ signature goth style and unapologetically leans into the dreary ensemble.

As Addams’ fashion sense indicates, it’s not just the malevolent charm that has long solidified the terrifying teen as an icon, it’s also her ability to master agency with blazing individuality. This self-expression offers a refreshing reminder that anyone, even the divergent, can be a trendsetter.

For those who want to add the gift of gloom to your child’s character costumes, Wednesday’s look can easily be replicated. The go-to pattern is an obvious choice, Monroe. To make your own version of Wednesday’s dress, find some dark and moody cotton woven quilting fabric, and spin your machine into a pleated, monochromatic dress. Designer Ashley Lewis added a special twist of contrast stripes in the pleated skirting along with black velvet trim to keep the look fresh while perfectly channeling the Addams family’s bewitching child. 

Ashley’s daughter easily transforms into this character with a well known uniform of long braids and deadpan stare along with Cousin Itt who was easily fashioned out of yarn, a Halloween bucket and a top hat from the local party store

Wednesday’s edgy ensemble captures the spotlight for the moody teen in all of us. As Wednesday says, “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.”

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