Fairy Tale Magic - The Queen of Hearts


 Costume and photography: Bré Perez 

Queen of Hearts

Lewis Carrol's magical bedtime story, Alice in Wonderland, brings us the Queen of Hearts, the most feared creature in all of Wonderland who has been captivating audiences for over 150 years. 

This tyrannical villain is quick to give death sentences, and her odd approach at justice can easily be remembered by the line, "Off with her head!" 

One of the best things the Queen of Hearts shows us is the power of a red dress. When it comes to dressing for the occasion, taking a card out of this Queen’s fashion deck is a great idea. While her code of conduct is not admirable, her wardrobe is certainly one to emulate.

As a creative who admires innovation and whimsy, the Wonderland story served as a source of sewing inspiration for Bré. 

Bré used LLK’s Lenox and Granada sewing patterns to capture the likeness of the evil queen. The accent skirt was the selling point for picking Granada, as it exudes all things royal. She added a layer of tulle between the accent and simple skirts which really channels a regal vibe. For the sleeves, she used the ¾ length sleeve from the Lenox pattern and omitted the sleeve elastic. 

The end result is a statement in haute couture; it’s safe to say that Bre’s take on the Queen of Hearts screams “off with your head!”

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