Fairy Tale Magic - Maleficent


Costume and photography: Rachel Hill


Maleficent: Mistress of Evil,

The sinister sorceress from Sleeping Beauty, is known as one of the darkest, most powerful villains. Despite her morbid characteristics, Maleficent, the Mistress of Evil, remains a fan favorite. 

We gave Rachel the creative freedom to put her own stamp on the grand sorceress. Maleficent is a strong character and a difficult one to define; she needs to rise above everyone else, never blend in and always have her own unique silhouette and shape. 

Maleficent is iconic, so a Maleficent costume has to be able to continue that idea and raise the stakes a bit. 


Mal comes with a very sleek, dramatic look which was a guiding force in Rachel’s design inspiration. Independent characters require an equally powerful signature style, and Rachel wanted her daughter to embody the dark, luxe image.

Rachel, who is new to cosplay and costume design, was eager to replicate the Maleficent style. She provides LLK with an exclusive look at her design and discusses the process of outfitting her little Mistress of Evil. 


To establish the misunderstood sorceress, Rachel broadened her use of fabrications, colorations, accessories and patterns. Rachel selected a fluid poly-spandex material introducing the antihero in an aggressive, cosplay stretch-pleather. She stuck to the iconic silhouette of the gown, feathered wings and a horned headband as the starting point she worked from when recreating this spellbinding style. 

Rachel fashioned this costume from LLK’s Augusta maxi skirt and paired it with a Galena bodice modified to have a V-neckline. A dramatic costume is the perfect match for a villainess, as it gives off a sense of sophistication and darkness.  


The resulting impact is high glamour with movie star sleekness, daunting headgear—accentuated, of course, by striking red lips and an impeccably-accessorized, feather capelet.  

In true mistress of evil fashion, the costume, in all its goth, horned glory, paid homage to the character’s lavish costume.


She is par excellence as Maleficent.

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