Fairy Tale Magic - Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters

Costumes and Photography: Ashley Lewis and Katie Brandenburg


Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters


If the Sanderson sisters aren’t on your costume radar yet, they should be. The hilarious Sanderson sisters from the 90’s adventure film, Hocus Pocus, have reawakened from their eternal slumber right in time for Fairy Tale Magic. 


Designers Kate Brandenburg and best friend Ashley Lewis summoned their sewing skills to make these classic costumes. They created a wonderful collection of dresses, even matching their kids’ personalities to the three Sanderson sisters!  So light a black flame candle and get ready for their fantastic costumes to cast a proverbial spell over you. 

In this ambitious undertaking, the talented makers created a very colorful mosaic with voluminous cloaks, billowing sleeves, and laced corset style dresses. Each ensemble in this collection was sewn in various shades of the characters’ signature colors (green, red, and purple) to channel their inner Winifred, Mary and Sarah Sanderson. 


Ashley and Katie used stretch velvet for the Rivendell capes (made with welts) and a blend of cotton and satin fabrics for the Granada dresses. Sarah’s purple dress has an additional accent skirt that was lengthened by a couple inches so that it would have a total of three layers on the skirt. They used special trims and a braided cord for the corset detail, and with a dash of magic and cinnamon broomsticks, these sweet besties took off to run amok, make mischief and have fun.



Ashley and Katie’s fashion sense and sewing sisterhood is something most only dream of. Here, their sweet girls teamed up to dress as their favorite spell spinner and bring a Halloween classic to life. 

Double double toil and trouble! Actually it’s triple trouble!

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