Fairy Tale Magic - Goldilocks and a Bear

Costumes and photography: Chelsey Petrishen 

Goldilocks and a Bear

Goldilocks is a bedtime story with three bowls of porridge, too much, too little, and just right. No wonder it has been a favorite fairy tale for centuries.

Chelsey set off to sewing a perfect blend of make believe, adventure, and mischief, inspired by a story from age old about a curious child with golden hair and three little bears!  

Chelsey made this storybook costume come alive with a fresh perspective on the tale. The classic story is all about getting things “just right,” and Chelsey did just that with her fairy tale fashions.

The Goldilocks costume called for a classic look. That's why Chelsey started with the Lenox pattern, because it is a timeless pattern with sweet puff sleeves.

Chelsey used LLK’s Sugarplum Apron modified to half the length so it wouldn’t cover up the pintucks on the skirt. She added a ruffle on the bottom, and took 3 inches off each side sash piece and added a 1/2 inch to the height to make the bow a little fuller and to create more space for the embroidery. 

The apron was embellished with the Knightsbridge embroidery pattern (reduced to 90%) so it would fit nicely. Chelsey added a pettiskirt beneath and accented the look with the Lenox headband

For Baby Bear, Chelsey thought the Salzburg overalls would be perfect. She LOVES overalls on little boys. The top was fashioned from Sausalito, and she used the Avignon bonnet with large lamb ears moved forward 1” on the extra large bonnet. She made bear paws and covered a pair of his shoes with the same fabric. The end result is sew perfect! 

In the version of Goldilocks Chelsey read as a child, Baby Bear gets sad when Goldilocks runs away; he asks if she can come back and play. Chelsey's son  adores his sister and follows her every move!  They are best of friends. The tale of Goldilocks and Baby Bear is a perfect representation of their sweet relationship.

It is clear that Chelsey’s talents and vision allowed her to make this familiar storyline come alive. Sewing is a special gift that is full of options and unlimited ways to customize patterns to fit your children's interests!

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