The BFF Challenge

Bloggers: Lauren Redmand and Pam Mitchelli

 The BFF Challenge

With any hobby, there is often a community of people who also enjoy your hobby as much as you do. These “hobby enthusiast” communities can help foster connections, friendships, and creativity by bringing diverse groups of people together to enjoy their craft. The sewing community is no different. There are all walks of life who sit in front of a sewing machine and spend time perfecting their crafts. If you are part of this community, you have more than likely gained a few close friendships.  This is the case with Lauren Redman and Pam Michelli, who met through the Little Lizard King Testing team, and became virtual “sewing BFFs” practically overnight.

This friendship began several months ago through Facebook interactions within the Little Lizard King Sewing Pattern Group, when Pam and Lauren noticed they both had young children the same age. Despite living almost 900 miles away from each other, they were able to connect virtually. Facebook “likes” and comments turned to messages as their friendship blossomed and quickly became texts, phone calls, and FaceTime. While their love of sewing brought them to meet initially, their many laughs, mom stories, and real-life ups and downs have kept them close. Lauren lives in Waterloo, IL with her fiancé Zach; Daughter Reese; and dogs Boss and Chole. Pam lives in Castle Rock, CO with her husband Marcus; Daughter Jocelyn; son Jacob; and newest furry addition, Mickey. Pam and Lauren have plans to meet in person one day, but until then they will continue to bounce creative ideas off each other, support each other’s sewing journeys, and be there for one another.

The BFF challenge can be done with your in-person sewing BFF as well as a virtual friend! So, grab your sewing BFF and give this a go. There are two ways to do this challenge; First, you can use the same fabric as your BFF, but create different looks with different patterns. Or you can choose to do the same pattern, but make it your own by using different fabric and different styling options.

When choosing our patterns, we had our work cut out for us. There is a plethora of amazing Little Lizard King patterns. When Katie Farnham's new embroidery design, Aurora, came out we fell head over heels with its beautiful and classic spring designs.  It has several options to choose from, such as flowers, “Hello Spring” text, and bunny designs.  Lauren chose to use the “Hello Spring” text and Pam created the bunny with double flowers design.  


Little Lizard King offers MANY gorgeous patterns that would be the perfect canvas to let your embroidery shine, but ultimately, we decided on a fan-favorite classic, Bellevue. The bodice is gorgeous on its own but allows the perfect space to create your own embroidery masterpiece.  This makes it perfect for any occasion or even casual wear. This pattern has a myriad of options to choose from. Lauren created the dress option with a ruffle hem, and Pam stitched the adorable, ruffled romper version.


All in all, this was a fun project that Lauren and Pam thoroughly enjoyed collaborating on and creating beautiful pieces!  Thank you for reading!

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