Adelaide with Windham Fabrics


Blogger: Lacresha Lincoln

Summertime is one of my favorite seasons. I love camping, sitting on the beach, and eating ice cream. We have reached the mid-point of summer, and most of us are feeling the heat. With the rising heat comes a need for lighter clothing, such as shorts, sundresses, and tops.

One of my favorite sews for this season is pajamas. In the winter, I love sewing knits for my little one. These pajamas are generally close-fitting for a warm, soft, snuggly feel. My go-to pattern for this winter PJs is Little Lizard King's Lassen.

Even though Lassen works wonderfully for summer wear, my favorite summertime pattern is Adelaide. Little Lizard King’s Adelaide is a delicate nightgown, with a gather at the bodice, a simple button back made from a woven material that is perfect for any princess. 


When working with woven materials for apparel, that material must have a nice weight and a soft feel. For this Adelaide set, I had the pleasure of creating with super soft, high-density cotton from Windham Fabrics. I use Blush Rings 53264D-7, Perfect Pink, and Wisp. These fabrics paired perfectly with each other. I made the Adelaide top with optional ruffles and shorts. By adding trim, I created a vintage look that my daughter adores.


The combination of Windham Fabrics and Little Lizard King’s Adelaide created a perfect, flowy nightgown for warm nights. My daughter loves hers so much that she even wears it as an outfit during the day, which warms this sewing mom's heart. I hope your summer is fun, relaxing, and filled with sewing.


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