Holiday Edition - USA

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Outfit and pictures by Colleen Callender

Holiday Edition 2019 - USA

The Holiday Season is quickly approaching and our calendars are filled with school events, holiday parties at friend's houses, family pictures, and yearly traditions like going to see a Christmas themed ballet or other show. It's also that time of year when we create handmade outfits for our children, dresses with pretty trims and embroidery — outfits crafted with love and filled with childhood memories!

Depending on which part of the world we live in, our holiday styles differ from strappy sundresses ands sandals to long sleeve outfits with tights. Our outfits and traditions are shaped by the weather and our heritage. Here is a glimpse of our first holiday style of 2019, the United States edition.

Colleen created this beautiful classic holiday dress using the Kensington pattern. The Kensington is perfect for showcasing a beautiful border print as Colleen has done here. Towards the end of the year, the weather can be very unpredictable in southern Louisiana, varying from almost freezing to summer heat. This year the weather has been mild, so Colleen chose to sew an elegant 3/4 length sleeve. She chose a timeless black and white color palette with a sweet holiday deer print. The sash tied in a large bow at the back of the dress enhances the charming holiday style. The contrast between the collar, cuffs, and sash adds an element of visual interest without overwhelming the eye. Perfectly balanced!

Snow is a not a common sight in Louisiana so everyone tends to decorate their yards a lot for the holiday season. In fact for many children, it is a tradition to ride around with the parents and see all the neighborhood and yard lights displays at nighttime.

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The southern states of the USA are known for hosting numerous festivals, and many cities have events happening throughout December themed for the holidays with festive lights, Santa appearances, and food.

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