Animazing Pinafore: A Staple Layering Piece for Fall Dresses

The Animazing skirt is probably most well known for the many animal faces that can be made to accessorize the skirt. Recently, however, this skirt was utilized as a pinafore by one of our fabulous testers Larisa. Larisa's creativity prompted me to write up this post on layering the pinafore over some of our favorite LLK dresses!

A few of my favorite features of the Animazing Skirt:

  • Options for tie or fixed straps
  • Simple or pleated skirt
  • Optional cute animal faces/add on packs
  • Optional ruffle detail

Larissa's Animazing Pinafore


Larisa is an amazing seamstress and photographer and is the owner of Larisa O'Brien photography. When I first laid eyes on her photo of the Animazing Pinafore layered over the Florence dress, it took my breath away. I couldn't wait to pick her brain on the modifications she made when creating this gorgeous fall ensemble.

The bodice detail on Florence makes it a beautiful dress to layer a pinafore over. Larisa started by shortening her Florence dress by 3 inches and then adding a 4 inch ruffle to the bottom of the dress for a petticoat appearance under the pinafore. Next she shortened the Animazing skirt by 3 inches so that the Florence dress would peek out under the skirt. The end result is truly exceptional! In fact, after seeing Larisa's version, several of our team members were inspired to create their own.

Heidi's Animazing Pinafore


Heidi Geren is one of our fabulous testers, LLK Team Member and an exceptionally talented seamstress. Heidi chose to layer her animazing pinafore over the classic Double Scoop Dress pattern.

As you can see, Heidi added a ruffle to the bottom of the Double Scoop Dress which is a super cute modification by itself, but layered under the her version of the Animazing pinafore . . . Stunning!



You'll likely remember that a few weeks ago, we released the Timeless collection. When I saw Roanoke, I couldn't help but feel that it would be a perfect dress to layer the Animazing pinafore over. One of our testers and my friend and fellow local seamstress Rachael Huether sewed up the most beautiful version of Roanoke in a beautiful gray cotton. I sewed up a floral Animazing pinafore to layer over Roanoke and I couldn't be happier with the results.

For my version, I left Roanoke as it was and simply took 3 inches off the Animazing skirt measurements for the size I was making (in this case a size 5). I did try it on before hemming, just to make sure the right amount of dress was peeking out underneath the skirt.

With so many options for layering, we hope you will sew up an Animazing pinafore this fall!


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