Cambridge Skinnies: How do I wear thee, let me count the ways!


Have you seen the Cambridge Skinnies? These awesome skinny pants are so cute and super versatile. I've sewn up three pairs of Cambridge Skinnies to demonstrate a few different ways to wear and embellish them.

Embroidery Detail

When I first laid eyes on the Cambridge Skinnies I couldn't stop thinking about how adorable they would look with some embroidery detail on the back pocket and front pocket inset. For the embroidered pair, I chose a light blue chambray.

The first thing I needed to do was find an embroidery file that was the appropriate size and concept I was looking for to embellish the pockets. I found this cute scroll detail on etsy as well as a floral embroidery file that perfectly complemented the Hazel top that I was envisioning pairing these pants with. Both embroidery files were purchased from a shop called A Proverbs 31 Wife


I embroidered the design onto the fabric first and then cutout the pocket so I could make sure that the placement was exactly how I wanted it.


Next, I tackled the inset piece. For this one, I needed to determine the placement with consideration to the seam allowances on the top and sides of the pants and place my pattern piece accordingly.


Once I had my pocket pieces cut out, I proceeded with the pattern as written. As you can see the finished result is super fun and easy to achieve!


The Rocker Skinnies

For my next pair of Cambridge Skinnies I thought it might be fun to do something a little fun and funky. I found this stretchy, faux leather appearing material at Walmart and it fit my idea perfectly.

I had initially planned to sew this pair with heart shaped pockets, however, this material turned out to be pretty tricky to sew with and therefore I scrapped that idea for regular pockets instead.


So this pair was sewn by the pattern, exactly as written. The fun comes in deciding how to style this fun pair of pants with a funky top or boots. My daughter tells me they are terribly comfortable and stretchy and will be a staple piece in her fall wardrobe!


The Distressed Skinnies with Lace Underneath

For the final pair of Cambridge Skinnies I sewed up, I wanted to make a distressed pair with lace underneath. I believe there is a couple of ways to achieve this appearance. I started by sewing up a pair in plain, non-distressed blue denim.

I'll be honest and tell you that I had no idea how to distress jeans, so I did what any reasonable girl would do and I googled it! I found out that the best way to do it is with a few supplies. Here is everything I used to distress these pants and create the appearance of lace underneath the distressed areas.


I started by taking sandpaper and scraping up and down and back and forth all over the front and back of the pants.


Next, I created two small horizontal slits about 1/2-3/4 inch apart. Then I used tweezers to pull the threads as well as further distress the area between the slits. To make them even more distressed I went over those areas with sand paper. I repeated this process over again in several places on the front side of the pants.


I repeated this process over again in several places on the front side of the pants.


The last part involved adding the stretch lace underneath the distressed parts. For this part I used spray fabric adhesive. This was a bit of trial and error, but I found what worked best was to place the stretch lace over the area and then spray the adhesive on top to apply it.


These turned out to be really fun and comfortable!


I hope you've enjoyed the Cambridge Skinnies sewn three ways! Be sure and sew up a pair or three and share them in our facebook group!


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