LLK Style: Special Occasion Edition

Sunshine and summer weather often have us sewing all things comfortable and cool...but summer also seems to call for some special occasion sewing! So many of us have friends and family getting married, special Mother's Day and Father's Day traditions and outings, family reunions, first holy communions and so many other special occasions happening! It's only natural that we want to create something beautiful and unique to commemorate those occasions in our lives. Let us here at Little Lizard King guide you through some fun pattern choices (maybe even some you've never thought of as special occasion!) and fabric choices.

First up is Isla! Isla is such a great summer top and dress! One of our amazing testers, Christine, used this stunning petal chiffon fabric and beaded trim to create this gorgeous special occasion worthy Isla dress for her daughter. She used the hi/low skirt option and added a lining due to the sheer nature of the chiffon fabric.

For a more classical style you could choose the Double Scoop dress pattern, like Jana did here, and dress it up with fabric choice. Jana chose the sleeveless bodice with a rounded collar and used layers of chiffon and tulle over satin to add fullness to the skirt. She used the same satin for the bodice of the dress and taffeta for the collar and sash.

Our incredibly talented designer, Jane, created these lovely dresses for her daughter and a friend using the Ruchie and Amsterdam patterns! Ruchie is such a fun and unexpected choice for a special occasion dress, here Jane added length to the skirt to create a maxi length silhouette.

Cassie used satin with a lace overlay on the bodice of this Versailles dress to create something truly special! Using special fabrics can seem so intimidating but a little patience and the right tools for the job can make it as easy as sewing with cotton. Make sure to change your needle, most special occasion fabrics benefit from being sewn with a needle designed for them, they're typically labeled 'sharp' or 'microtex'.

Glitz is also a great choice for special occasion! It's so on trend with the open shoulder styling! Ashley used the short sleeve open shoulder option and left the elastic out of the bottom of the sleeve. She also added width to the skirt pieces to increase the fullness of the skirt. She used satin and lace to dress up the organic swan print fabric she chose for the bodice.

For this Havana dress I used layers of nylon chiffon (which doesn't fray so NO hemming required!) over a batiste lining. I wanted the dress to be light and airy and just sort of float around! I added length to the skirt for a maxi style. If adding length to the Havana skirt I highly recommend using a lightweight fabric otherwise it could be too heavy for the one shoulder style. I also made a simple fabric sash out of the nylon chiffon and added some floral details. The flowers on her sash are actually hair clips - I love using things in unexpected ways and increasing their versatility!

Niina used the Verona and Everyday Play skirt to create this lovely two piece set! She used a soft pink linen for the Verona top and a special occasion fabric from a local store in Barcelona, Spain for the skirt. This set is perfect for a little one who really prefers to be comfortable, as the knit waistband on the Everyday Play skirt is the epitome of comfort! Plus, after your special event this top would be so cute with a pair of denim shorts!

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