Halloween Edition: Superheroes

Guest Blogger Elise Graham Ribeira

One of my favorite things about my childhood was how my mom would lovingly handmake our Halloween costumes. I’m sure this was no easy feat (there were seven of us!), but now that I’m a mom of three and having just recently taken up sewing, I can see the satisfaction and reward that comes out of a handmade costumes. 

With Marvel and DC dominating the movie theaters, I’m sure there will be Wonder Women and Spidermen aplenty filling the streets this Halloween. As much fun as it is to dress up like a favorite, more popular super hero, my daughter Penny thinks it’s even more fun to dress up as her very own unique super hero! I had done drawings and comics of my kids in the past of their superhero alter egos, so we thought it would be fun to actually bring them to life! There were so many options, but we finally decided on these concepts:

For Penny’s costume, the ruchie was perfect for the superhero look we were going for! Based on my original sketch, we were planning on the romper. Pen decided at the last minute she’d prefer a skirt with shorts instead which was an easy switch since the ruchie comes with a peplum and skirt option! We found great deals on performance fabric in the remnant section of our fabric store, which was worth straying from our original color palette.
The Newport shorts in a fun geometric print added just enough whimsy to accompany the sparkly peplum top. 
Paired with some warm tights and awesome shoes, the only thing this super hero was missing was her cape! I love this cape pattern because I could use both the main fabric and lining to add pops of matching colors. 
As for Link’s costume, as soon as I saw the Yogger pants I knew I needed to make then in some fantastic, shiny fabric. It was as if this gold spandex fabric was made just for these pants! 
Another quick and easy cape later paired with a black t-shirt, this kid was ready to save the world! I think I need some gold pants for myself. . .Both costumes needed a finishing touch, so I used some leftover scraps to make cuffs! 
It was a quick 5 minute sew and definitely completed the look. See separate Blog post.
Just as my mom did all those years ago for me, I am happy to have the opportunity to make my kids unique, on-of-a-kind costumes that bring out their true heroic side! Now on Halloween they will be ready for a night of crime fighting and candy collecting!

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