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Filtering by Category: Sew-A-Long

Heart-Ford Sew-a-Long Day 2

Niina Kivelä

Blogger: Elise Ribeira


Welcome to day two of our Heart-Ford sew-a-long! Hopefully it wasn’t too hard to choose your favorite options. I know there are so many adorable combinations to pick from. I will be keeping it simple this time with an unlined bodice with a neck binding and long sleeves. I’m looking forward to see all the fun variations you may come up with!We will use day 2 to cut out our fabric. My favorite tools while cutting with knit are a clear, acrylic ruler (2 x18 is my favorite size for this task), a rotary cutter, and cutting mat.

Photo 03.jpg

Lightweight knits can shift easily, so using a sharp rotary cutter can help with accuracy and speed. Pinning your pattern to the fabric or using pattern weights can also prevent shifting.

Photo 04.jpg

But sure to cut your rectangle pieces from the cut chart as well. This is where that clear ruler especially comes in handy! I find this so much quicker than having to print, tape, and cut out a rectangle when I can so easily measure it with my handy ruler. (Pro Tip: I like to write down the cut chart measurements onto my bodice pattern, so it is easy to locate when I’m ready to cut those pieces.)

Photo 05.jpg

Once you have all your fabric pieces accounted for, set them aside and anxiously wait for tomorrow when we will begin the construction of the bodice!

(Pro tip: I like to iron my pieces before sewing so everything is nice and crisp and ready to sew- if you’d like to iron yours, do this today!)

Heart-Ford Sew-a-Long - Day 1

Niina Kivelä

Blogger: Elise Ribeira


There is nothing more festive and fun on Valentine’s Day (or any day!) than wearing a special dress for the occasion. During this sew-a-long, we are going to show a simple way to turn a Hartford dress into the perfect Valentine’s Day design for your little one with a cute heart pocket detail!

photo 01.jpg

This sew-a-long is not only a great motivation to get going on a fun sewing project, there is also a prize! One winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday the 11th. To be sure you are entered into the drawing, you need to submit minimum of one progress shot and one final photo into the sew-a-long albums on the Little Lizard King Sewing Pattern facebook group. Let’s begin!

The dress I will be demonstrating with will be a long sleeved knit bodice with a neck binding and woven skirt, but you are welcome to choose whatever style you’d like! Here are some suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

Photo 02.png

Here’s what you need to do for day one

:• Download the free pocket pattern here

• Purchase the Hartford pattern if you don’t already have it here

• Choose all the options and variations you want for your dress. Do you want a binding, bib, or collar? What kind of sleeves do you want to use?

• Print and cut out your .

  -Be sure to print out the right pieces. The collar bodice is lined and uses a different pattern than the unlined bodice.    

 -The bodice and sleeves are knit, and the skirt and heart pockets are woven.

• Choose your fabric, prewash your fabric if necessary.

Once you have all that done, get ready for day two when we will begin cutting fabric!

Lucerne Pintuck Bodice Sew Along Day 5

Niina Kivelä


Sew Along Host: Jessica Dukes Vaughn

Lucerne Sew Along Day 5

WOW!!! Can you guys believe that we are on day five!!

Today we will be constructing your skirt and attaching your beautiful Pintuck Bodice to your skirt!! Refer to pages 37 or 41 for the different skirt options!


If you have gotten a little bit behind, you are okay!! You will have Saturday and Sunday to catch up!! Continue to upload your Progress and Final pictures by midnight Eastern time on Sunday March 25th for a chance to Win 5 Little Lizard King PATTERNS!!

Happy sewing!!