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Arendelle Heart Back Valentine Sew Along Day 2

Jane REuter

Blogger: Jessica Dukes

Arendelle Sew Along Day 2

Today we will be assembling our pattern pieces and cutting out the fabric!  Remember to use your new heart back pieces!!!! 

When you are finished cutting you should have 2 front bodice pieces (1 main, 1 lining), 4 back bodice pieces (with the heart cut out) as 2 mirror image sets, 2 sleeves (optional), 4 flutters (optional) and your skirt!  The heart back bodice will be assembled a little different than the original arendelle, so you will also need corded elastic or 2 thin ponytail holders to create button loops for the upper part of the heart closure.   Below the heart will be closed with regular buttons like the original version, so you will also need two buttons.  


Tomorrow we will be constructing the bodice!!!  See you then!

Arendelle Heart Back Valentine Sew Along

Jane REuter


Blogger: Jessica Dukes

Arendelle Sew Along  Day 1

Hi….I’m Jessica and I am your host for the Arendelle sew along! I fell in love with Arendelle, for so many reasons, when it released. And now, there are more reasons to love it even more!  During this sew along we will be sewing Arendelle with a heart shaped back for valentines day and optional flutters!  So, for this first day of the sew along, make sure you have the original Arendelle pattern, the FREE heart back and flutter pieces and choose the fabrics you will be using!  I’m using this adorable polkadot fabric from Michael Miller!!!

Make sure to take at least one pic of your progress during the sew along and one final photo of your completed Arendelle.  Upload them to the album created in the facebook group for a chance to win 3 yards of fabric, of your choice, from Michael Miller!!!!!!  The winner will be selected randomly. 

Sewing with Knit Fabrics: Blue Ribbon

Niina Kivelä

BRPic 2.jpg

Blogger: Elise Ribeira 

Maxi Length Blue Ribbon 

When I made my first Blue Ribbon dress, I loved the whole tee-turned-dainty look of the dress. I also loved how quick and easy it was to sew up, especially with no closures!

When the weather began to turn colder, I wanted a nice maxi dress for my daughter to feel cozy in. The darling Magnolia dress was my first thought, but I was hoping for a more casual tee-shirt style top. I thought back to how much I loved the top knit portion of the blue ribbon, and thought how easily it could be converted to a maxi!

I had a delightfully soft brushed poly in my stash that was perfect for this project. I made the top as usual according to the blue ribbon pattern.

BRpic 1.jpg

I used the same skirt width as the pattern called for, but had Penny try on the finished bodice to measure the skirt length, taking care to add the extra half inch needed for the seam allowance on the waist. And in just a quick hour or two, the long and cozy dress was ready to wear!

BRpic 3.jpg

Of course she loved it! And I loved not paying upwards of $30 for a maxi dress. Since it was such a quick and easy sew, I used extra fabric and time to sew up a matching dress for baby Trixie! I still can’t get over seeing my little baby in a snuggly, long maxi.

I was slightly jealous of my daughters in their matching dresses, so I ended up ordering a few more yards of that wonderful brushed poly! I had been wanting an excuse to make the women’s Magnolia dress, and I loved the idea of having a fully lined bodice for a little more structure and support with the weight that a maxi has to carry. I can see why Penny loved her dress so much. It felt like I was wearing pajamas all day! I didn’t want to take it off at bedtime.

BRpic 6.JPG

The girls think it’s pretty awesome to have comfortable, matching dresses with their mom, and I think it’s pretty awesome how easy it was to hack this pattern into a maxi dress!

BRPic 7.jpg