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Candy Floss Amsterdam Dress

Niina Kivelä

Blogger: Natasha Christmas

Candy Floss Amsterdam

Hi! Tash here – I’m going to show you how to apply tulle to the Amsterdam Dress in a fun and easy way to create this look. It really is simple, and you can change the look dramatically by how much tulle you use and the size of the pieces.

Complete the bodice as per the tutorial and set aside. Follow the tutorial to complete the skirt.  It is much easier to start with a hemmed skirt with gathering stitches in (use two rows of gathering stitches around the top of your skirt).

Cut your tulle into squares – for this dress I decided to keep it super simple and used 6” square pieces for the entire skirt. I used 2 x 100 yard rolls of 6” soft tulle.

The next step is to take your skirt and work out how many rows of tulle you want to do, and how far apart you want your tulle.  I decided to do 8 rows of tulle 2” apart. Using a removeable pen or pencil, draw you guide lines onto the fabric.

natasha guidlines.JPG

Take one piece of tulle and pinch it in the middle as per the pic. It does not need to be super perfect, just create the pinch and then lay it on your bottom guideline. Sew to attach through the pinch about 1/2’’ from the top.

Natasha pinch fabric.JPG

Continually add pieces of tulle every 2’’ around in a loop until you have attached the tulle all the way around the first guideline. Move up to the next guideline and repeat until you have completed all rows.

Gather the skirt and attach to your bodice as you would in the pattern.

You may now wish to add another row of the tulle around the top of the skirt and stitch in place by stitching in the ditch around the seam where the bodice meets the skirt, or fill in any areas you think need more tulle

You can really get super creative using this method and use varying size pieces of tulle and experiment with how far apart you do your rows etc!

natasha Ellie CF Skirt-6526.jpg

Happy Sewing!

Arendelle Heart Back Valentine Sew ALong Day 5

Jane REuter


Blogger: Jessica Dukes

Arendelle Sew Along Day 5

Today we are finishing our valentine Arendelle and I am so excited to see what you all have created.  And, it's perfect timing for Valentine's Day,  Our little sweeties will look so cute in their heart back Arendelle's.  All we have to do is add the buttonholes and buttons.  The top closure now has the loops so all you have to do is sew on your two buttons.  The bottom closure below the heart will require 2 small buttonholes.  You may want to put your buttonholes horizontal if the space is small.  

If you have any sons you can make them a coordinating bow tie with our bow tie pattern!!!!!!   I hope you enjoyed the sew-a-long!  Thanks for letting me be your host! Don't forget to upload a final photo of your Arendelle to the photo album in our facebook group.


Arendelle Heart Back Valentine Sew ALong Day4

Jane REuter

Blogger: Jessica Dukes

Arendelle Sew Along Day 4

We are so close to being done and the hardest parts are over.  Today we are going to construct and attach our skirt!  There are no changes needed for these steps, so follow the directions in the original pattern!  Take your time and follow the directions for the placket.  They are very easy to follow and result in a beautifully finished placket without puckering!

Don't forget to upload a pic of your progress in the album in the facebook group to be eligible to win 3 yards of fabric from Michael Miller!